Is Brazilian Blowout Harmful To Your Health

Brazilian blowout is a chemical hair treatment for semi-permanent straight hair. It’s a popular straightening technique and most hair straightening salons provide this treatment. Moreover, many people call it the best way to have straight and smooth hair. However, there are some concerns about chemical treatments and if they are good for your hair and health. Let’s discuss whether Brazilian blowout is bad for your hair.

How Does Brazilian Blowout Works?

Liquid keratin is used in Brazilian blowouts to form a protective layer around each hair strand. This makes hair smooth and straight. Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in it. Adding more of it can give you straight and silky hair.

But keratin doesn’t bond to the hair on itself. Chemicals are used in the formula of the treatment to make keratin stick to the hair strands. These chemicals can be harmful to your health and damaging to your hair in the long run.

There are various chemicals used in Brazilian blowout treatments. The most notorious of them is formaldehyde. Regular exposure to formaldehyde can cause cancer and FDA approves that formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Brazilian Blowout

Common Reactions To Brazilian Blowout

Some people have a reaction after getting a Brazilian blowout treatment. It can be during the treatment or days after it. People have reported headaches, difficulty in breathing, headache, itching, scalp burning, watery eyes, irritation in the nose or throat, and redness in the eyes after getting the treatment.

Caution For Asthma Patients

The treatment of Brazilian blowout is done by applying the formula with repeated strokes of a brush. The heated solution makes hot fumes of the chemicals that are in the solution. So, people who have asthma or any other similar problem may experience wheezing and asthma attack.

Hair Damage

Hair treatments are done to make hair better than before. This is the reason why hair coloring and straightening treatments exist. However, chemical treatments can cause hair damage in the long run for some people.

If you experience hair loss, damaged or dry hair, or patchy hair, you should stop the treatment and go to a dermatologist.


A study in Brazil showed that Brazilian blowouts can lead to skin problems in some people. Some people who volunteered in the study experienced scalp rashes while others suffered from rashes on the scalp, neck, face, and upper chest and back. The blisters looked similar to eczema rashes. However, researchers believed that skin conditions look more like drug reactions than skin allergies.

Not For Pregnant Women

Many risky treatments are avoided in pregnancy to avoid problems and Brazilian blowout is no different. Any chemical treatment for hair must be avoided if you’re pregnant. Some treatments have shown that using chemical treatments like hair straightening and hair coloring during pregnancy can cause leukemia in children under the age of two.

Can I Get Formaldehyde-Free Brazilian Blowout?

Formaldehyde the chemical that is the culprit of many problems caused by Brazilian blowout. So, can you get a formaldehyde-free Brazilian blowout?

Yes and no. Some brands that make Brazilian blowout products claim the treatment to be formaldehyde-free. Their claim is correct in some way, but the treatment still has the mentioned chemical.

How do they do it? These brands use synonyms for the toxic chemical on their labels. They dissolve formaldehyde in water or any other chemical. This changes the composition of formaldehyde and it becomes another chemical that still has the properties of formaldehyde.

However, you may be able to find some salons and brands that have less toxic chemicals in the treatment causing less to no damage to your hair or health. You should also look into Brazilian blowout varieties that use similar chemicals and methods but they are less harmful to the health.

If you’re concerned about the effect of the straightening treatment on health, look for natural hair straightening masks and treatments.


Brazilian blowout is can be dangerous for your health if you’re not careful. Read the labels and choose the treatment that doesn’t have harmful chemicals. Moreover, go to a Brazilian blowout salon Potomac you trust and is known to use safe practices for chemical treatments.

Walk-In Cooler Components That Need Frequent Replacement

A walk-in cooler is an essential part of a commercial kitchen. When it comes to choosing one, not only do you need to know how it works but also the components that wear out easily so you can maintain it. We are going to discuss components of a walk-in cooler that wear out easily so that you are able to hire commercial refrigerator services and get the replacements done on time.


Commercial kitchen appliances like walk-in freezers and coolers etc. come with built-in fans. These appliances work round the clock to ensure the food items are kept fresh. Continuous functioning increases the temperature that produces heat. This is where the fans come in.

Fans help dispel heat, which could otherwise damage the unit. Although fans tend to last a while before needing a replacement, you never know when they will give up. In most cases, the bearings need to be replaced but if the fans malfunction, they are most probably going to need a replacement.


A compressor serves as the heart of a walk-in cooler. It is designed to keep the temperature inside the walk-in cooler low and is one of the most rigid components. Just like the fans, compressors take years until needing a replacement but with older units, replacements are common.

Compressors use refrigerant to produce cool air. If the amount of refrigerant is low due to leakage or some other issue, the compressor is the first component that is affected. In such a case, the compressor will work harder than usual to make up for the loss of cool air and will eventually heat up to the point where it will damage itself.

Furthermore, compressors also experience bearing issues. The bearings inside can wear out with time but can be easily replaced. But if the compressor has malfunctioned, you will need a compressor replacement.


When walk-ins were first introduced, manufacturers thought fluorescent bulbs were going to be a great fit. Unfortunately, these bulbs are not that durable and produce a lot of heat. As a result, LED bulbs were introduced that utilize half the energy and last a lot longer.

This means that you might not need an LED replacement on your walk-in cooler but they will surely need replacement sooner or later. If you experience such an issue, you will need to replace the existing bulb with the exact replacement or opt for something stronger.

Even though the lights inside walk-ins are covered but as the unit turns old, the moisture begins making its way inside causing the LEDs to malfunction.

Computerized Temperature Controls

Computerized temperature controls work alongside a series of sensors that help monitor food temperature. The purpose of these sensors is to raise an alarm if the unit is acting suspiciously. You might also get a text message or email if there is something serious going down.

Unfortunately, computerized temperature controls are prone to malfunctioning and are quite expensive. If there is a problem with a particular sensor, you can get it replaced. However, if there happens to be a problem with the control board or a similar component, the walk-in freezer will stop working.

In this case, you will need to consult an expert about whether it needs repairing or replacement. Sometimes, the problem is caused by some other component, which trickles down to others, ultimately, hindering the performance.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels do not give a warning before malfunctioning. They will simply stop working when it’s time for a replacement. In serious situations, they can also spark and cause a fire that can turn the kitchen into a deadly space to work in.

If you experience such a situation, you should first consult the warranty. If the unit has no warranty left, you should contact an experienced electrician. You are most probably going to need a replacement.

Final Word

The above-mentioned walk-in cooler components can and will wear out either with or before time. However, now that you are aware, it is important that you keep them well-maintained to prevent sudden mishaps and expensive replacements down the road. Commercial equipment is sturdy but it is also costly. So, only get help from walk in cooler repair Northern VA professionals for replacements.

5 Reasons Why Your Oil Furnace Is Producing Black Smoke

Oil furnaces are used around the world as a basic heat source, especially where temperatures drop below zero. An oil furnace tends to be quite effective but just like everything, it can sometimes run into complications like the production of black smoke. Not only is it irritating but also a harmful situation and consultation of furnace services is required. So, let’s take a look into why your oil burner might be producing black smoke and what you can do about it.

Succeeded Combustion

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that even after the furnace has been turned off, there is still some oil inside the firebox that keeps burning. Since the furnace is turned off, the fan won’t be working either and therefore, won’t be providing any oxygen to the flame that will most likely generate a thick black smoke.

The only way to solve this issue is by letting the oil burn completely before you shut it down. This means that you will need to use a calculated amount. Once the oil has been burned, you can turn off the furnace with less probability of black smoke emitting.

Dirty Furnace Components

When furnace components such as the blower fan, register grill, and supply ducts tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and smoke, the smoke from the chimney appears dark black or gray. That said, if you do not want the furnace to produce black smoke, you should make sure the components are clean.

The good news is that you can clean the components on your own as well. However, you should be careful. Furthermore, you should develop a maintenance plan, which notifies and keeps you up to date about cleaning the oil furnace.

Before cleaning the oil furnace, make sure you turn it off and use chemicals specifically designed for removing oil, tar, grease, etc. Depending on the intensity of the accumulation, you may or may not want to use slightly hard and harsh products.

Furthermore, you should also consult the user’s manual regarding the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning the furnace. Typically, manufacturers recommend thoroughly servicing the furnace at least once a year. Depending on your usage frequency, your furnace might need more.

Dirty Oil Filter

The oil filter is exactly what the term suggests. It is a filter designed to keep the oil away from contaminants and other impurities such as water and dirt. That said, with time the oil filter is bound to become clogged. The accumulation prevents the oil filter from functioning. As a result, the furnace begins to produce black smoke from the chimney. But, there is no need to panic.

Simply, try replacing the oil filter and see if it fixes the issue. Then again, consult the user’s manual regarding the replacement of the oil filter.

Puff Back

The components inside an oil burner have a limited time span. This means that they will start developing problems sooner or later. One of the signs is when the furnace produces a cloud of black smoke, which is a sign that the components or a certain component are not working normally. Unfortunately, you cannot troubleshoot this issue on your own and will need to call a professional. Sometimes, you will need to replace the oil furnace if it’s old.

After Fire

Another possible reason for your oil burner producing black smoke is after fire. An after fire takes place due to an oil leak or improper burning. During combustion, a small number of oil puddles on the bottom of the combustion chamber. As mentioned previously, it could also happen when you turn off the furnace and the oil continue to burn.

However, another probable cause is an oil leak. The good news here is that in some cases, you might be able to spot the leak. But if the black smoke simply does not stop, you would want to wait until the oil burns completely and then, turn off the furnace.

If that does not solve the issue, you will need to check the furnace for an oil leak. Make sure you have an expert looking for it.


An oil furnace producing black smoke can be fixed easily. If the oil furnace is new, the problem is most likely to be maintenance. However, if it’s an older unit, it might need a replacement. Regardless, you should get help from an oil burner repair service ronkonkoma on the matter.

What Are Seagrass Rugs And What Are Their Pros And Cons

Most rugs have a contemporary feel and style to them, but if you’re looking for something more natural and a little rustic outside of Persian rugs, then seagrass rugs are for you. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass is a type of plant which is grown in Asia, mainly in its wetlands. It is the main thing used to make seagrass rugs. The grass is harvested and it is placed on a canvas and weaved in different patterns.

There are a variety of patterns that seagrass can be woven into, but the most common one is the basket weave or the tight knot weave. It is a rough textured rug and it is mostly available in neutral colors. It is great for use in the house, outdoors, and even in your living space.

Pros And Cons Of Seagrass Rugs

Here are some good and not-so-good things about seagrass rugs.

They Are Durable

Seagrass is a highly durable material. It is a tough plant that can last for years. The canvas is also pretty heavy duty and it can bear damage from high temperatures and even water and moisture. It’s the perfect rug for you if you’re looking for something which is pet friendly and won’t be ruined by the climate or by constant maneuvering.

Seagrass Rugs Are Inexpensive

Another great thing about this rug is that it is highly inexpensive. For the quality and durability you get, this price is amazing. It’s a perfect choice for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a rug or carpet but want something which is super high quality and durable.

It is one of the many features that make this rug a best-seller among a lot of people because let’s be real; no one wants to spend $1000 on a woolen rug which requires constant and proper maintenance and can get damaged easily if you’re not careful. Seagrass rugs are the best of both worlds, where durability and reasonable price go hand in hand.

Not A Lot Of Options

This might be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Since the plant is not very colorful and is not treated further to be dyed in different colors, it doesn’t have a huge color palette to choose from. It is either available in a tan or light brown color and that’s pretty much about it.

The lack of color options is what makes this rug a no-go for most people, as they want something to match their unique interior and there is virtually nothing you can choose from.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Another great thing about these area rugs is that they are naturally sourced. This is wonderful news for people who are conscious about the planet and want to start taking sustainability more seriously. This rug is made out of a plant and there is nothing harmful about it.

It is also biodegradable after some time and it can be recycled as well. The manufacturing of this rug is also done by hand and it doesn’t require any heavy machinery or toxin-producing factories. This is, by far, the best kind of rug you can get if you want something which is sustainable for the environment and won’t affect the environment adversely.

Seagrass Rugs Don’t Insulate Heat

This might be a pro or con, depending on what you prefer. This rug is not heat-trapping. Seagrass rugs don’t have any insulating properties and therefore, they will stay cold, even in the summer months. This can be a problem in the winter, though, when you will need something to keep your feet warm, and this rug will not be able to do that.

A lot of times, people get rugs for their houses because the floors are cold and the rugs act as insulators of heat, trapping it in their thick mass and keeping the floors and your feet warm. This rug, however, is incapable of doing it.


There you have it! These rugs Virginia are quite popular in the world of carpets and for a good reason. They add that extra element of nature to your entire décor. Make sure to get high-quality seagrass rugs to ensure durability and long life.

What Is Hair Protein Treatment And How It’s Different From Keratin Treatment

Sometimes, your hair might need that extra care in order to look and feel healthy and smooth. Here is everything you need to know about a protein hair treatment and its differences from keratin treatment by hairstylist.

Protein Treatment

Your hair is primarily made out of protein and it needs to be replenished from time to time. One great way to do that is a protein treatment. Protein treatments are extensive and extremely nourishing treatments that are applied to the hair to make it look smooth, healthy, and manageable.

These treatments mainly use keratin which is the main protein constituent in your hair. There may be a depletion of keratin in your hair and it can be due to a number of reasons like:

  • Sun exposure
  • Too much use of heat on the hair
  • Not nourishing or moisturizing your hair, etc.

This treatment is perfect if your hair is feeling extremely dry, and brittle and is going through a lot of hair fall. Another main reason why people get a protein treatment done is because of the frizz. Frizz is the main culprit of dry and damaged hair and it can really ruin the hair, if not treated properly.

A protein treatment helps to eliminate frizz for good and it makes the hair super smooth, and easy to handle they look healthy too. If you are tired of dealing with frizzy, dry hair, then you should definitely consider getting a protein treatment for your hair.

Keratin Treatment Vs Protein Treatment

A lot of people might get confused and get a keratin treatment dome, thinking that it’s a protein treatment. While it is somewhat true, a keratin treatment is done for an entirely different purpose, and here is a comparison between the two.

Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment is done if you want to straighten your hair. It is more like a glorified protein treatment, but it is solely a chemical process, which nourishes the hair and breaks down the frizz in your hair, and makes it straight and smooth. So, a keratin treatment is done if you want to have straight hair.

Protein Treatment

A protein treatment is more like a nourishing supplement for your hair. It does eliminate frizz and gets rid of the damage, but it doesn’t necessarily make the hair look straight. It is not a chemical process, in way that it doesn’t break down the hair follicles, rather it enriches the hair and makes it very soft and smooth.

It doesn’t damage the hair either unlike keratin treatment, which can cause a lot of damage after the fact because of the use of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals can make the hair dry and brittle, if you don’t take proper care of your mane.

Benefits Of A Protein Treatment

Here are some amazing benefits of a protein treatment.

Makes The Hair Smooth

First and foremost, it makes the hair extremely smooth and soft to the touch. If you have dry hair and it feels really rough, then it might be lacking hugely in the protein department, so it’s a great way to supplement and nourish your hair.

Increases Hair Density

Hair density plays a huge role in making your hair look healthy and be stronger. A protein treatment will strengthen your hair by making it denser and it also fills up any lone pores, so that nothing foreign can go into your hair and damage it further.

Improves Hair Health

With a protein treatment, your hair will be significantly healthier and you can see the difference, as clear as day. Your hair will be so much thicker, frizz-free and you will be extremely happy with the results.

Prevents Breakage

Last but not least, protein treatment will prevent hair breakage in the future. It’s a great way to add strength and nourishment to your hair and with its property of increasing hair density and aiding in protein enrichment, your hair will look amazing, stronger, thicker, and more manageable.


There you have it! A protein hair treatment is perfect if your hair is dry, rough, and suffering from hair fall. You will see a significant difference in your hair health after this treatment. All keratin treatment salons provide both treatments so you can choose easily. Hypno

How To Rent The Right Tables For Your Party

One of the most important things for a party is the décor. Usually, chairs and tables are rented for a big party, and you can get them from your tent rentals. But how do you know which tables are the best? Here’s everything you need to know about renting the right tables for your party.

Types Of Tables Available For Renting

Round Tables

If you want a more intimate and interactive seating arrangement, then round tables are the way to go. They are available in a variety of sizes and they can seat a lot of people, depending on the guest list. Seats can be arranged either around the perimeter of the circle or they can be placed at each quarter of the circle.

This seating arrangement can be done on the basis of how many guests you want to arrange at each table. These are probably the most famous type of tables to go for, regardless of the size of the party you are hosting.

Square Tables

Another very common type of party table is a square table. Square tables are great to keep the guests at a distance and are not very crowded. You can place one or two chairs, at most. at each side. These tables are great if you want to keep groups of people seated at designated tables.

These tables are also great for smaller parties or gatherings. These tables are very easy to decorate as well and they are sturdy than round tables, which are usually supported from the center, whereas square tables have 4 legs to support the weight of whatever is put on the surface.

Long Rectangular Tables

These tables are long and rectangular in shape. They are great for arranging food on a buffet table or they can be used for seating guests at a gathering or even a wedding. These tables have a lot of capacity and you only need a couple of these to seat a reasonable amount of people. These tables are also hassle-free and easy to decorate. This type of table also has great structure and sturdiness, because of its large surface and many legs.

The only drawback to this type of table is that you will need to set each one accordingly, meaning the same amount of food, party decoration, etc. need to be put on the table and it can be a hard thing to do, especially if you’re low on certain supplies like dishes, glasses or vases for décor.

Semi-Circular Tables

Another type of table is a D-shaped or semi-circular table. This table is great because it is not a whole circle and it can be placed in 2 pieces. This is great if you want one table to be segregated. You can also decorate them separately. The only downside to this type of table is that it can topple over very easily.

Since circular tables have imperfect balance, semi-circular tables are more likely to be wobbly because of their very high center of gravity. So, they might not be the best option for kids parties, since small children can try to turn the table over by sitting on it or something similar.

Serpentine Tables

Serpentine tables are like long circular tables with a hollow center in between. These types of tables can be used as a beautiful way to present a buffet or they can be used at business parties or conferences. The hollow end is sometimes open for people to go in and out of. This is usually the case with buffet tables so that people can stroll around the inner circle and have better access to food.

The hollow space in the circle is sometimes isolated and there can be a network of wires going under the table, which powers microphones, screen projectors, and computers. These tables are not only available in a circular shape. They are found in oval, square, rectangular, and other shapes as well.


There you have it! Renting the perfect tables for your party is going to make all of the difference so that they can be functional and add to the décor at the same time. Look for party rentals Damascus MD that have various types and styles of tables so you have more options.

What Is A Tree Risk Assessment And How To Do It

A tree risk assessment is a visual inspection of a tree performed by certified arborist services. The purpose of a tree risk assessment is to determine the likelihood of failure of branches or the whole tree. It is usually carried out when a tree needs to be removed. Let’s take a deeper look into what a tree risk assessment entails.

How Do Arborists Assess The Risk Of A Tree?

Tree History

The first thing that arborists look into is the history of the tree. It tells a lot about how the tree was maintained and look-after and if it experienced any infections or diseases in the past. If the tree has suffered serious diseases, the chances of branches and leaves falling off are high.

Plus, if the tree was not treated on time, it would have surely turned weak. There is a huge variety of trees out there and the diseases and infections vary as well. Determining if a tree has had white ants in the past can give an insight into the current condition of the tree.

Tree Vigor

The overall tree health and vigor can be determined or estimated by inspecting the leaf coloring, canopy density, and bark condition. Furthermore, the arborist can also take a look at the amount of deadwood currently in the tree and how wounds managed to heal themselves.

If the wounds healed well and within time along with the canopy density being at par with other specimens of the same age, it could be concluded that the tree is in good health.

Species Profile

As mentioned earlier, there is a huge variety of trees out there. To help identify, the trees are classified into different species. Finding out the species of a tree allows the arborist to determine the type of diseases and other external factors that could affect it or have been doing so in the past.

Without determining the species, the arborist will not be able to provide medication or fix the tree if required. As a result, the species profile plays a crucial role when it comes to carrying out a tree’s risk assessment.

Crown Density

If you were not aware, a tree crown tells a lot about its overall health. If the crown happens to be weak, it means the tree is either ill or about to die. If acted upon, the tree could be easily saved. However, if the issue is ignored, the leaves and branches will begin to fall off soon.

Inspecting the crown density is one of the first things arborists look at when it comes to guessing the health condition of the tree. Even though arborists use the latest technology to precisely find out the current condition of the tree, the crown density gives a lot of information about the existing state of the tree.

Potential Dangers

This is perhaps the most important point of risk assessment. Without determining the potential dangers, a risk assessment study is not complete. If there is a tree you need to bring down, the arborist will find out the potential dangers and the risk of harming the surroundings, especially if the tree is large.

As a result, the arborist will upgrade the overall risk. However, if the tree does not pose any danger to the surroundings, the overall risk will be downgraded. This could be a tricky situation as the tree could threaten property and lives both on the ground and in the surroundings.

Likelihood & Consequences Of Failure

Once the arborist has inspected and determined the overall health of the tree, he/she will give the tree a score on how likely the branches or the tree itself is to fail. A low score means that the chances are low while a high score means the chances are high.

Next, is the consequences of failure. The main question here is what harm the tree can impose on the targets directly underneath and in the surrounding. If the area is where kids play or the adults walk. The arborist will have to be careful bringing it down.

Final Word

In the end, risk assessments are carried out across the globe as part of safety procedures when it comes to determining if a tree is healthy or dangerous. Plus, it is always performed by expert tree services Bethesda who carry out multiple inspections and tests to rate the overall health condition of the tree.

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Out Lukewarm Air

Your furnace blowing out lukewarm air all of a sudden can be a frustrating situation. You might think that the entire furnace has turned faulty but that is not the case. Sometimes, all you need is a simple fix that will get your furnace back running normally. If not, you should involve furnace repair services. Let’s discuss!

Check The Thermostat Settings

It is often that homeowners accidentally change the settings of the thermostat which results in the furnace blowing lukewarm air. In such cases, your furnace will run but it won’t produce hot air as it is supposed to. That said, the first thing you should check is the thermostat settings.

Make sure that your thermostat is set to “ON” instead of “auto”. If you own an HVAC system, you should know that it comes with several sensors that keep track of the temperature inside your home. This helps the furnace determine how much heat it needs to produce to keep the house warm.

Upon changing the thermostat settings, you notice that the furnace is still blowing out lukewarm air, it is probably a good idea to check the limit switch. If that is working fine, you should move on to the next issue.

A Dirty Or Bad Air Filter

In most cases, homeowners fail to recognize the importance of air filters. Furnaces need clean air filters to circulate hot air properly. If the air filters tend to be clogged, the unit will find it hard to perform at its optimum. That said, you should make sure the air filters are always clean and replaced when needed.

To make sure, consult the user’s manual. Every manufacturer recommends replacing air filters after a certain period of time. Regular inspections and cleaning will ensure that the air filters are clean and the unit performs effortlessly.

You Own A Two-Stage Furnace

You might have not heard of the two-stage furnace but it is very common around the world. The reason these furnaces are common in cold areas is that they come with a different set of valve positions and programming to help keep your home cozy and comfortable.

A two-stage furnace has three valves that open based on your needs and preferences. At its peak, all the valves will open and will offer maximum heat to your house. And since these furnaces in the lower stages do not push as warm air as in the higher stages, you might feel lukewarm air entering your house.

Problem With The Gas Supply

Most furnaces run on propane or natural gas. If you observe that your furnace is blowing cold air, you might need to check the gas supply. The first thing you need to do is call your gas company and check with them if there is a problem with the supply line or the gas itself.

If not, there is a small chance that the problem lies with the thermocouple or the flame sensor. Try turning on and off the furnace to see what happens. If the furnace fails to light up, it means either the thermocouple has gone bad or the flame sensor is broken.

Should I Consult A Professional?

When it comes to fixing the lukewarm air, furnace not reaching the set temperature, or any other issue related to your furnace, you should always consult a professional. The reason is that a furnace can be a complicated machine for those who are not aware of the basics.

Therefore, one might end up injuring themselves by playing around with the components. A professional will thoroughly inspect the furnace and try to determine the root cause of the problem.

However, keep in mind there are a lot of scammers out there posing as experts. Always check for references and certifications to ensure that you are hiring the right individual. If you are contacting a business, ask them for their license and other relevant information to be on the safe side.

Final Word

furnace blowing out lukewarm air. Always hire reliable furnace services Arlington VA for repairs or replacements and make sure you maintain your furnace in the meantime. When choosing a furnace repair service, don’t settle for the lowest rate because they might cut corners to provide services at a low cost. Ask for references and certifications.

Can Water Softeners Make You Sick

Water softeners are used all over the world where supply water isn’t safe for drinking. It is even used in industries. There might be some reservations about water softeners that they might make you unwell. So before getting water softener installation, here is everything you need to know about it.

It Removes Unwanted/Toxic Chemicals

Water softeners do exactly the opposite of ruining your health. What ruins your health is constantly drinking water which is not good for you and introducing harmful metals, chemicals, and toxins into your bloodstream.

Water softeners help reduce the amount of salts and heavy metals in the tap water and give you clean and pure water for drinking and other use around the house. Drinking filtered and soft water will make a remarkable difference to your health.

Softened Water Has More Salt In It

One thing that needs to be pointed out in water softeners is that it does come out to be a little more saline than normal tap water. It’s not as bad as seawater where the taste is practically salty. But if you test it for salt content, then the amount of salt will be a bit more than normal water.

That’s because of the chemical filtration it does to remove the heavy salts from water which makes it hard. It exchanges the heavy ions for chlorine ions which makes the water clean, safe from infections, and a bit salty. But you still can drink it safely, as long as you are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Maintaining The Water Softener

This is where your negligence can lead to health issues because of a water softener. You don’t want to leave the water softener dirty and sparingly maintained. A dirty water softener can actually be a breeding ground for bacteria. And if the filters and pipes of the water softener are not cleaned and changed out at the right time, then the bacteria can find their way into the water the softener is supposed to clean. This can lead to a lot of issues in your body, stomach, and general health.

How To Use A Water Softener?

One of the main things that can lead to premature damage and ineffective efficiency of a water softener is leaving it to operate even when you don’t need water. For example, if you are going to work or even on a vacation, it’s best to shut the softener down.

This will prevent any sort of mechanical damage to the operating parts of a softener and it will also prevent its idle use. There are water softeners available with timers and stoppers, so it will automatically shut down after an allocated time when you are not using it.

Don’t Go Over The Capacity

Another thing that can lead to the inefficient softness of the water, indirectly leading to health issues, is overfilling the water softener beyond its capacity. Water softeners usually have a set capacity and you shouldn’t go over it if you want the water to be softened and purified effectively.

Try to do it in batches if your water softener has a limited capacity, or invest in a bigger water softener if you have more water use around the house. Using a water softener according to its capacity is half of the struggle.

Are They Bad For The Environment?

Water softeners are not bad for the environment. They are made with materials that are either long-lasting or easy to replace. Besides, if you clean your water softener regularly, then you might not even need to think about these things.

Water softeners also get rid of the chemical waste of hard water by decomposing them into substances that are biodegradable. Water softeners are a great investment if you don’t have clean supply water at your disposal and don’t want to spend money on bottled water, which is not only expensive but bad for the environment as well.


There you have it! A water softener system Warren can actually improve your health, rather than worsen it. So it’s a great investment if you are looking for something to make your water clean. Make sure to select the right brand and size of the water softener.

How Long Does Stone Veneer Siding Last

There is no doubt that stone veneers look gorgeous and you would want to bring them to your house. However, the most common question asked by homeowners is how long do stone veneers last? While some manufacturers guarantee their stone veneers will last 30-40 years, others claim 50 or more years. However, on average stone veneers last, 20-30 years if installed properly by masonry contractors. So, let’s dig deeper into the discussion and see why you should be getting stone veneers.

How Long Does Stone Veneer Last?

When it comes to determining how long stone veneers last, there are several factors to consider. The first and most important factor is the installation. You might have thought that installing stone veneers would be a do-it-yourself type of gig, but you were wrong.

The lifespan of the stone veneers mostly depends on how they are installed. This is why hiring a professional with sufficient skills and experience is preferred to get the job done the right way. Stone veneers won’t last if you do it on your own due to moisture accumulation, water leaks, wood rot, mold, etc.

Furthermore, the weather conditions of your region have a huge role to play in deciding the lifespan of the stone veneers. If you live in a region that experiences rainfall, snow, and humidity, you will have a higher chance of water leaks taking place. However, then again, this should not be a problem if the right person installs the veneers correctly.

Types Of Stone Veneers

Everyone has different preferences and tastes when it comes to choosing stone veneers. You can choose from many different colors and textures depending on the style you want. However, you should be cautious of how long they will last. Make sure the brand you use provides a warranty for stone veneers.

This way, you will be able to cover your investment for several years without having to worry about paying from your own pocket if the veneers were to get damaged or cracked.

What Is The ROI Of Stone Veneer?

Installing stone veneer siding is not an easy job. It requires a huge amount of effort and time, which makes labor expensive. This means that if you plan on selling your house in the future, you would want a healthy return on your investment.

Experts estimate that installing stone veneers in your home will get back almost 97% of what you had paid in total for the veneer installation. However, if you do not plan on selling the house, installing stone veneers is going to be the perfect choice for upgrading your home.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer siding is most commonly known for being durable and long-lasting. Manufacturers will offer somewhere around 20 to 75 years. If installed properly, stone veneers will prove to be maintenance-free and fire-resistant. At the same time, stone veneers are a lot more affordable when compared to other stones such as natural stones.

On the other hand, stone veneers carry some disadvantages as well. As mentioned previously, stone veneers not installed properly can lead to moisture problems. This is why you will need a professional working with stone veneers who implements the right techniques and follows proper procedures to make the stone veneers last for decades.

Can Stone Veneer Be Used On Interiors?

Back in the day, stone veneers could only be used on exteriors but today, you can use them on interiors as well such as on fireplace savings, backsplash, interior walls, etc. Furthermore, these stone veneer types are rated smoke and fire-resistant, which makes them even safer to install indoors. However, if you intend to use stone veneer for the fireplace, make sure that you keep enough distance and install safety brackets to ensure your kids do not play around with it.

Final Word

Concluding, stone veneers will last anything from 20-80 years depending on the type and installation. Stone veneers installed by an inexperienced contractor will hardly last a decade. Therefore, to make the best use of stone veneers, opt for expert stone veneer contractors port jefferson who can add to the charm, wherever you intend to install them.