Gantry Cranes vs Overhead Cranes

Gantry and overhead cranes are one of the most popular lifting solutions for various industries across the world and provided by almost all crane rentals. Even though they might look the same, there is a significant difference between the two. We are going to discuss both types in detail to help you pick the best option for your needs.

Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane is exactly what the term suggests. It is a type of crane that consists of runways that run parallel to the bridge connecting the gap. Also, called the bridge crane, the bridge travels with the help of the runways on the sides that move it backward and forward. Plus, it also comes with a hoist that travels along the bridge and moves in three dimensions.

Types Of Overhead Cranes

Types of overhead cranes are: top-running, underhung, and single girder cranes. Each type is different from another in terms of design and purpose. For instance, top-running cranes are meant for lifting heavier weights and can handle greater load capacity.

Meanwhile, underhung cranes come with a bridge that gets support from the bottom flange of the runway beams. These cranes are used at locations with either limited space or low headroom.

And finally, single-girder cranes come with a single bridge girder that controls the hoist. The purpose of this machine is to provide cost-effective lifting solutions.

Advantages Of Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are usually installed in industries that deal with the lifting and shifting of extremely heavy loads. In other words, these are mostly permanent installations. The biggest advantage of overhead cranes is that they can lift and shift extremely heavy loads which is not possible with other types.

Furthermore, since overhead cranes are installed or mounted on existing structures, you do not have to compromise your available floor space. And plus, they are installed high up in the air, which means there is little to no interference with the operations being carried out on the floor.

Finally, overhead cranes can be custom-built to meet the needs and preferences of different industries. In most cases, the transportation industry utilizes the heaviest cranes to deal with extremely heavy cargo on a daily basis.

Disadvantages Of Overhead Cranes

While there are some advantages, overhead cranes tend to possess some disadvantages as well. Overhead cranes can be installed on the existing structures but require modifications. These modifications are costly along with the installation itself.

Additionally, overhead cranes can only perform in a limited amount of space. Since these machines do not come with wheels and cannot outrun parallel runways, it could be difficult for them to adapt to the changing needs. So, before choosing overhead cranes, you should also check out gantry cranes.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are mostly installed in the open and consist of two or more supporting legs that help the gantry lift heavy loads. The supporting legs are fixed on either wheels or rails depending on the type of industry and the loads being lifted. It also comes with a hoist that moves with the gantry for lifting.

Types Of Gantry Cranes

Similar to overhead cranes, gantry cranes come in different forms too. Some of the most common types tend to be full gantry, semi-gantry, portable gantry, and adjustable gantry cranes. Full-gantry cranes are identified by two legs and a rail that offer a stable lifting solution.

On the other hand, semi-gantry cranes have one left running on rails, while the other is supported by an existing structure. Not only does this provide a cost-effective solution but also helps with limited space.

Portable gantry cranes are both mobile and lightweight and are meant for temporary lifting tasks. And finally, adjustable gantry cranes can be customized and equipped with a variety of features and specs to meet the lifting needs of the client.

Advantages Of Gantry Cranes

When compared to overhead cranes, gantry cranes tend to offer better mobility. The reason is that gantry cranes can easily be disassembled and reassembled if required. However, overhead cranes due to having parallel runaways being mounted on existing structures makes it relatively difficult to move around.

In addition to that, gantry cranes can be easily modified to lift heavier loads or cater to different lifting requirements. And most importantly, the installation costs with gantry cranes are comparatively lower than overhead cranes since extensive modifications to the existing structures are not required. So, many people prefer gantry cranes when they visit a crane for rent DC company.

Disadvantages Of Gantry Cranes

The only disadvantage associated with gantry cranes is that they take up quite a bit of floor space due to the supporting legs. This could become a problem for locations that are limited in space.

Comparison: Overhead Cranes vs Gantry Cranes

Industrial Applications

Overhead cranes are mostly suited to industries dealing with the manufacturing of steel, automobiles, etc. These are heavy-duty machines made for heavy-duty applications. Gantry cranes on the other hand are relatively more versatile and can be used in industries dealing with shipping, construction, and warehousing.


As mentioned earlier, when it comes to costs such as installations, gantry cranes are comparatively cheaper than overhead cranes. However, overhead cranes tend to offer a better return on investment.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best option, you need to keep certain factors such as the amount of space available and associated costs in mind.

Mobility And Installation

Overhead cranes are installed on existing structures, which makes them difficult to transfer from one place to another. Meanwhile, gantry cranes are both mobile and easy to disassemble, making them available for different types of lifting tasks.

Safety & Maintenance

Both gantry and overhead cranes require regular maintenance. Heavy machines meant for lifting extremely heavy loads need regular attention to prevent accidents and mishaps. Due to lifting and shifting heavy loads, the hydraulics and other components wear out with time.

Therefore, it is the job of the operator and the management to look after the machine both pre and post-lifting.

Do Gantry and Overhead Cranes Require a Professional to Operate?

Both gantry and overhead cranes are and should only be operated by licensed professionals. In fact, some states have strict laws that overlook such operations. Moreover, the maintenance of the cranes is also crucial. It is not only the company’s duty but also the operators’ duty as well to perform an inspection both pre and post-lifting.

The rules state that the company should record all the maintenance details along with other relevant data and submit it to the regulatory authority.

On top of that, crane operators undergo extensive training and certifications to be able to operate heavy machinery. If not followed, the company can be heavily fined or temporarily shut down as part of the legal proceedings. To avoid fines and shut downs, make sure to hire certified operators for your gantry and overhead cranes.


Both gantry and overhead cranes offer effective and efficient lifting solutions. However, considering the different types along with capability and other features, you need to make sure your needs and preferences are set and defined. This will help you avoid confusion and pick the best option for your lifting needs. Get more details from cranes services VA before renting any crane.

Walk-In Cooler Components That Need Frequent Replacement

A walk-in cooler is an essential part of a commercial kitchen. When it comes to choosing one, not only do you need to know how it works but also the components that wear out easily so you can maintain it. We are going to discuss components of a walk-in cooler that wear out easily so that you are able to hire commercial refrigerator services and get the replacements done on time.


Commercial kitchen appliances like walk-in freezers and coolers etc. come with built-in fans. These appliances work round the clock to ensure the food items are kept fresh. Continuous functioning increases the temperature that produces heat. This is where the fans come in.

Fans help dispel heat, which could otherwise damage the unit. Although fans tend to last a while before needing a replacement, you never know when they will give up. In most cases, the bearings need to be replaced but if the fans malfunction, they are most probably going to need a replacement.


A compressor serves as the heart of a walk-in cooler. It is designed to keep the temperature inside the walk-in cooler low and is one of the most rigid components. Just like the fans, compressors take years until needing a replacement but with older units, replacements are common.

Compressors use refrigerant to produce cool air. If the amount of refrigerant is low due to leakage or some other issue, the compressor is the first component that is affected. In such a case, the compressor will work harder than usual to make up for the loss of cool air and will eventually heat up to the point where it will damage itself.

Furthermore, compressors also experience bearing issues. The bearings inside can wear out with time but can be easily replaced. But if the compressor has malfunctioned, you will need a compressor replacement.


When walk-ins were first introduced, manufacturers thought fluorescent bulbs were going to be a great fit. Unfortunately, these bulbs are not that durable and produce a lot of heat. As a result, LED bulbs were introduced that utilize half the energy and last a lot longer.

This means that you might not need an LED replacement on your walk-in cooler but they will surely need replacement sooner or later. If you experience such an issue, you will need to replace the existing bulb with the exact replacement or opt for something stronger.

Even though the lights inside walk-ins are covered but as the unit turns old, the moisture begins making its way inside causing the LEDs to malfunction.

Computerized Temperature Controls

Computerized temperature controls work alongside a series of sensors that help monitor food temperature. The purpose of these sensors is to raise an alarm if the unit is acting suspiciously. You might also get a text message or email if there is something serious going down.

Unfortunately, computerized temperature controls are prone to malfunctioning and are quite expensive. If there is a problem with a particular sensor, you can get it replaced. However, if there happens to be a problem with the control board or a similar component, the walk-in freezer will stop working.

In this case, you will need to consult an expert about whether it needs repairing or replacement. Sometimes, the problem is caused by some other component, which trickles down to others, ultimately, hindering the performance.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels do not give a warning before malfunctioning. They will simply stop working when it’s time for a replacement. In serious situations, they can also spark and cause a fire that can turn the kitchen into a deadly space to work in.

If you experience such a situation, you should first consult the warranty. If the unit has no warranty left, you should contact an experienced electrician. You are most probably going to need a replacement.

Final Word

The above-mentioned walk-in cooler components can and will wear out either with or before time. However, now that you are aware, it is important that you keep them well-maintained to prevent sudden mishaps and expensive replacements down the road. Commercial equipment is sturdy but it is also costly. So, only get help from walk in cooler repair Northern VA professionals for replacements.

The benefits of a commercial kitchen fryer

You have probably been using a frying pan, therefore you may not be very familiar with commercial deep fryers. However, if you have just recently opened your commercial kitchen, be aware of the significance of deep fryers. However, since these appliances work so hard in a commercial kitchen environment, expect to encounter some appliance repair duties from time to time.

Commercial deep fryers now available in a wide variety of styles and settings. These are all intended to boost efficiency in a commercial kitchen, such one for a restaurant or catering business.

Such cutting-edge equipment has some sophisticated characteristics that just decrease the time needed to fry delicacies like crackers, fries, crisps, fried chicken, grilled fish, and many others.

Advantages of a fryer

The benefits of having a deep fat fryer for your business kitchen will now be discussed. These consist of:

Quicker frying

When compared to frying pans, deep fryers often operate quicker and more effectively. Additionally, if you don’t turn food in a normal frying pan quickly enough, it may end up being overdone on one side. Pans are slower and more labor-intensive in this regard.

When it pertains to deep fryers, on the other hand, you can essentially simply leave your meal in just for cooking so it gets done. You may even set a timer in certain sophisticated versions so that the tray just raises on its own.

More oil is saved

Additionally, in order to cook anything, oil is required. However, using a regular pan to fry in increases the likelihood of using more olive oil than is required. Furthermore, it is not feasible to cook another meal in a frying pan using the same oil.

Instead, you must add more oil, which causes your existing oil to run out too quickly. You must thus purchase fresh oil packets. When you add it all up over time, this leads to significant financial loss.

You should consider more effective techniques to prepare your food as the goal of your restaurant or industrial kitchen is to increase your profitability. Deep fryers are amazing in that regard since they do not waste oil.

Additionally, you may cook a variety of items using the same oil before switching it out. Overall, you end up saving a lot more money over time, and it also makes things a lot simpler for you to handle.

Delicious cuisine

A variety of meals may be cooked in deep fryers. You may prepare a variety of foods, such as crackers, fries, fried fish, chicken, and chicken wings. It is mostly used in industrial kitchens for crispy food.

These meals are also widely accessible at every restaurant. Imagine a restaurant that refuses to provide fries or fried chicken. It would be unfortunate, wouldn’t it? Therefore, make sure your commercial kitchen has a fryer for commercial use.

This will enable you to sell the most in-demand food item, ultimately saving you a ton of cash.


Deep fryers are quite significant. This is the one device that every commercial kitchen has, as you will see if you visit one. In other words, a commercial kitchen cannot function without having deep frying in its fleet. After all, fried foods are on top of the list of many customers that visit a restaurant or buy frozen items from the market. So you just cannot ignore the importance of a fryer.

However, keep in mind that since these appliances work so hard, they sometimes shut down. Therefore, you could occasionally need commercial appliance repair Alexandria to bring your machinery back to working condition. Be prepared to spend money on it.

How Do I Improve My Business’s Social Media Reputation

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to businesses making their mark in the online world. However, it can easily turn into a threat if you neglect or underestimate its power. If you have not made use of the social media platforms out there, it is time you should. But you need to get the basics right first. Later, you can employ advanced digital marketing tools and review management software to boost your reputation. Let’s discuss!

Choose Your Name Carefully

When it comes to identifying a business online, there are two things to consider, name and logo. If the customers have forgotten the name of your brand, they might be able to recognize it from its logo. This is why you need to be careful while choosing your name and logo as it will remain consistent for years to come.

At the same time, both logo and name help customers search for your business on multiple social media platforms. Furthermore, you should make sure that the name and logo you opt for are not taken by someone else. This can land you in legal trouble down the road.

Populate Your Profile

The next most important factor is populating your profile. Most online businesses tend to make silly mistakes while providing important information on their social media accounts. Keep in mind that this information helps boost your legitimacy. Therefore, if you have provided your contact information but there is no location or any other proof of your authenticity, the customers will prefer not to buy from you.

This means that you should upload images, working hours, and all the other important information that will help the customers develop a connection with your brand. In addition to that, you should also get your social media accounts verified.

Verified accounts inform potential customers that you are an authentic business and not a fraud. Moreover, if some other business carrying the same name tends to get abusive in your comments section, your followers and customers will be able to identify which is authentic.

Post Regularly And Train Your Team

Some businesses do a good job in establishing social media profiles but are not regular with the content. As a result, they drop in Google search ranking when customers are looking for related services and products to purchase. This is why it is important for you to post regularly as well.

Sharing the latest news, images and articles provoke customers’ attention. Otherwise, if it has been years since you updated your profile, the customers will hardly make any effort to contact you knowing that you are not serious.

Moreover, it is equally important that you train your team to handle confrontations professionally as well. Your team will need to be prepared for thousands of comments that will need to be handled the right way. This is especially true for customers who step forward with their complaints and anger.

If your team is trained for such situations, it will be a golden opportunity for you to convert angry customers into loyal customers.

Word Count

It is surprising to know that a vast majority of unhappy customers do not complain directly to brands but tell their close ones about them. This negativity about your business gradually spreads when unhappy customers post about your products without tagging you. Therefore, if you are missing out on the action, you will soon get into deep trouble. You need to up your social listening game to know what your customers are saying about you to take necessary actions.

Form A Connection

One of the reasons you need to be active on social media platforms is to form a connection with your customers. When customers see that you are responding to their queries and helping them make their decision, they will automatically prefer your business over others online. However, you will be needing a dedicated person who can handle different queries and respond accordingly.

Final Word

Using social media to expand and monitor your business requires time, effort, and resources. So, don’t expect overnight excess. You will need to be consistent and look for ways that keep your customers engaged. Find review management tools for improving your reputation and securing more customers.

What You Should Know About Luffing Cranes

You might have come across several heavy equipment and tools at construction sites employed by rigging companies. While you may be familiar with some, others are hard to identify. In fact, even a seasoned pro might not have heard about a particular type of crane such as the luffing crane. Let’s dig a bit deeper and discuss what is a luffing crane along with its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Level Luffing Crane?

A level luffing crane or simply luffing crane features a hook that stays at the same level or height when luffing. The jib is designed to move up and down to drive the hook inwards and outwards with relation to the base. Level-luffing is important when it comes to controlling the load near the ground in the construction or shipbuilding industry. The reason is that operators have to be very careful with their movements and nothing outclasses level luffing cranes in this respect.

In addition to that, a level luffing crane is suitable at a site with limited space and the need for safety. Additionally, it also operates comparatively differently than other types of cranes. To pass the load, the horse-head jib pivots work together and then flex up and in, or out and down. To keep the hook at the same position, the crane luffs horizontally rather vertically.

Features Of A Level Luffing Crane

Luffing cranes come with a wide variety of features. To begin with, these cranes feature intelligent and modular designs with easier erection, transportation, and disassembly for worksite productivity and cost savings. In addition to that, the luffing cranes also come with overspeed safety and a load measurement device that lets the operator know if the load is exceeding the maximum limit.

Furthermore, to keep everyone safe and secure on the ground, these machines include modern crane safety features such as anti-collision, zoning systems, and CCTV cameras. At the same time, the operator cabs are comfortable and simple to use with flexible seating, climate control, and easy-to-read displays. This allows the operator to operate the machine with an open view and less fatigue.

Advantages Of Luffing Crane

Luffing cranes have solved most inner-city construction problems in countries with narrow and congested streets. It is not possible to block the roads each time when a construction process is taking place. As a result, engineers have worked hard to continuously revolve luffing cranes.

The design of these cranes is such that they can vertically stand in the air from the mass section at a minimum radius of 5m. This is quite opposite of the flat-top crane, which operates with a jib at a fixed radius, already predetermined.

Apart from the inner-city construction problems, luffing cranes have also managed to fix oversailing rights issues that are difficult to achieve in most cities around the world. These rights are not provided if the crane needs to be brought over the top of neighboring government and public buildings. There is simply too much risk involved. In that respect, the luffing crane allows contractors to carry out construction tasks while remaining within the boundaries while ensuring public safety.

Disadvantages Of Luffing Crane

Even though luffing cranes tend to be lifesavers when it comes to inner-city projects and cost savings, but there is a downside to them as well. The first is the amount of time these machines take to perform necessary movements to lift an object from point A to point B.

The luffing crane performs movements mechanically in order to raise the object to the desired height and radius. Furthermore, a luffing crane does not have a trolley like a flat top crane to quickly move down a track. You need to use an ‘A’ frame positioned at the rear of the crane top to move it up and down until the desired radius is reached. At the same time, the ropes are reeled in to gain appropriate height for the load. Overall, it takes a lot of time for these machines to make the required movements.

Final Word

Luffing cranes like flat-top cranes share several pros and cons. Even though they are your best option for tight and narrow construction sites, but your needs and preferences should be of utmost importance when going to crane services DC for renting a crane. Ending up with the wrong option can lead to wasting a lot of time and money.

How Are Online Reviews A Social Proof For Your Business

One way to flourish your business is to make sure that it is put out there as much as possible. This is why startups and entrepreneurs insist customers on giving reviews of their products or services and spend money on review management tools. Here is how online reviews can help with your business.

People Depend On Online Reviews

This is a huge thing. Online reviews help a lot in decision making of a potential customer. It is a fact that a lot of people first read online reviews of any new product or business that comes out. It gives them a good idea and a general concept of what the product is and how it is used and whether it’s worth the money or not.

Online reviews are a great way to give a neutral picture of the brand and there are no obligations to make it look flawless. A great thing about online reviews is that you are not obligated to make the business look good. You can give your true thoughts on it without having that feeling of being judged or being too harsh of a critic. Your online review will set the business on a pedestal and the quality and worth of the product will be determined by that too. So, be honest and make a valid point and give the pros and cons of the product.

Online Reviews Help In More Research

People might look to be very impulsive buyers, but you don’t realize the amount of research and homework that goes into the digging of the product beforehand. A lot of people use online reviews as a medium for deciding whether the product or service they are looking for is worth the splurge or not.

This is why online reviews have to be realistic and they need to show both sides of the picture. This will ensure that the reader of the online review is not skewed from the original direction. So, online reviews may seem insignificant, but they are a great material for researching said product. You as a business can use information to pile up more reviews and then use those reviews to improve your products or services.

Numbers Speak

Numbers don’t lie. There have been real statistics which show that almost 91% of the American population rely on online reviews before they actually make a purchase. So, good reviews of your business will lead to more sales and purchases.

Also, almost 42% of the American population ask their friends, family and relatives about a certain product before they actually go and buy it for themselves. Rather than the contrary belief that people are impulsive buyers and they don’t pay a peek of attention to the reviews given, the numbers above tell a completely different story.

It Gives A Good PR

Online reviews are transparent and real. They are the reason why people go for a certain product. Online reviews can lead to good PR. For example, influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular these days, and if you send out your products as PR to influencers and ask them to tell people what they think about, this will be a review in itself. This will also market the product better as it will be shown on plenty of platforms. This will be good advertisement for your small business. This is why reaching out to influencers is important.

Increase In Sales

Think about it. If an online review is good enough to get a reader to be sold on the idea, then it will increase the sales of your product or service. The more positive online reviews of the product, the better it is for your business to flourish. It has been found that online reviews, alone, are responsible for almost 49% of product sales alone. So, if a review is convincing, you have yourself a good market holding in the business world. Your sales will be in decent numbers and they will also hopefully increase as time goes on.


There you have it! Online reviews are now becoming a very strong medium for social proof for businesses of any size. Use a review management system to improve your reputation and register more sales.

Choosing a water filtration system for your home

Are you planning to install a home water filtration system? Well, the most important aspect here is to understand the particles that you are trying to remove from water. For instance, water supplies often contain radiological, biological, physical, and chemical impurities. Sometimes, the goal of house owners is to install a water softener system only. Such a system reduces the hard water constituents.

In this article, we put together all the steps that you need to follow to choose a suitable home water filtration system.

Find out the source

The first step would be to find the source of the water. Where does your water come from? A cistern, a well? Or perhaps from a nearby water supply company. This is important to figure out the quality of the water.

Now, in order to figure out the quality of the water at home, you can either carry out a water test at home or ask your local water supplier to test a sample for you. Suppliers in the USA regularly conduct tests and create reports regarding the quality of drinking water.

Such reports often contain information about the potential contaminants that can be found in the water. Using these reports, you can then install a suitable water filtration system in your house.

Figure out your purpose

What is your purpose for filtering the water at your home? Do you plan to use the water for drinking, or for washing purposes? Or perhaps you want to filter the water being supplied to your entire house? Well, a whole house water filtration system would be more expensive as compared with a single system.

Overall, this would improve the taste of the water significantly and also allow you to use the water for various purposes in your house.

Know the benefits of water filtration systems

A water filtration system comes with a wide number of benefits. These include the following:


A water filtration system in the house can give you a lot of convenience. That is because the system will treat the water just as it enters the house. This means that you always get access to clean water whether you what to use it for showering, laundry, or kitchen purposes.


Other than that, a water filtration system will also be very cost-efficient. For instance, rather than installing various water filters throughout your house, it would be better if you just install a single water filter that covers the entire supply. This will help you save costs in the long run, although the initial capital costs will be higher.

Universal filtration

Some water filtration systems are designed to filter out every contaminant present in the water. This means that the water shall also be drinkable. This is highly convenient and can help you save plenty of costs in the long-run that you would otherwise spend on buying bottled drinking water.

Compare products

Lastly, your job would be to compare different systems and to do some research. If you look around, you will found countless companies supplying bottled filtered water or water filtration systems. However, how can you figure out whether the company is legitimate?

Well, the first step would be to check the online reviews of the company. This can help you determine the overall reputation of the company. Next would be to arrange a meeting and to judge for yourself. Once you are fully satisfied, place your orders.

Remember, for the best value, always get help from a legitimate drinking water delivery service Warren. After all, the quality of drinking water can have a direct impact on your health and overall well-being.

Walk-In Freezer Cleaning Guide

Keeping a walk-in freezer clean and maintained helps it run efficiently and effectively. If you have a business that relies on a commercial walk-in freezer, you need to look after it so that you do not experience any breakdowns or need urgent walk-in cooler repairs. Let’s take a look at how you can clean your walk-in freezer.

Prepare Yourself

The first thing that you need to do is prepare yourself. What this means is that you need to gather all the essential items and tools needed to clean the walk-in freezer. At the same time, cover yourself by wearing gloves and goggles to reduce any chances of injury.

Next, turn off the freezer and begin cleaning. If you are cleaning the freezer after a while, you might come across stubborn accumulation that will need a bit of effort and time to remove. On the other hand, if your freezer has been receiving regular cleaning, you can simply wipe and clean using special cleaning products.

Clean The Interior And Exterior

Walk-in freezers consist of shelving units, freezer walls, and floors where ice buildup usually occurs. Before you begin cleaning such areas, allow the ice to melt. Then, remove the water and clean the interior using microfiber cloths, brushes, and chemicals.

Once you are done cleaning the interior, move onto the exterior. Make sure that you wiped down all door gaskets because that is where mold and mildew are found. Next, clean the evaporator and condenser coils and fans to eliminate dirt and oxidation. Upon removing them, it will enable your freezer to run more efficiently.

For Optimal Walk-In Freezer Performance


To ensure that your walk-in freezer always offers optimal performance, keep the doors shut. If the doors are even slightly open, cool air will sneak out, forcing the freezer to work harder, ultimately increasing the energy costs.

If the doors do not shut properly, inspect the door sweeps and gaskets to see if they need replacement. This is a common occurrence amongst old freezers.


Once you are done cleaning the doors, move towards ensuring that the floors are clean as well to prevent pest attraction. You wouldn’t want someone to walk in and come across pests and flies feeding on the leftover food on the floor. Additionally, spillovers can quickly freeze leading to slip-ups and accidents.

Fans And Condensers

Fans and condensers are perhaps the most important components of a walk-in freezer. If either of the two is faulty, the freezer will not perform at its optimum. At the same time, these components are quite expensive to repair and replace, therefore, you would want to make sure that they are away from trash, plant growth, or anything that impedes their airflow.

Furthermore, check the suction or insulation lines between the condensing unit and evaporator coils. Coils might also need regular cleaning, so you need to clean them as well. Examine the fan motors to see whether they are running at optimal speeds.


Sometimes, loose wires and faulty connections can also damage the walk-in freezer. Initially, you might not be able to detect electrical issues since the entire network is located inside. However, if you smell something burning, you should turn the freezer immediately off.

Detecting electrical problems beforehand significantly helps in reducing expensive damages. If you observe something unusual, you should ask a professional to thoroughly inspect the appliance.

Drain Lines

It is quite often that drain lines of commercial walk-in freezers are overlooked. This can pose harm to the health and performance of the freezer. Drain lines are designed for water and other leftovers to exit. With time, these drain lines will become clogged. Therefore, you need to ensure that the drain lines are free from any blockages and the water does not back up and finds its way inside the freezer, contaminating the items stored inside.

Final Word

Walk-in freezers are not that difficult to clean and maintain. To make the process easy, simply create a maintenance schedule and follow it. This will keep the freezer in top-notch condition and allow you to detect problems beforehand, prolonging the life of the unit. Only use reputable commercial appliances repair Alexandria services for inspecting and repairing the freezer.

How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Commercial HVAC

HVAC units are designed to be efficient. However, some people complain of high energy costs, which mostly relates to their usage. Since heating and cooling is one of the biggest expenses, it is important that you keep a check on the HVAC system and frequently carry out commercial air conditioning repair to make it as energy efficient as possible. Let’s take a look at some tips that will improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit.


Proper HVAC Maintenance

You might have heard this before but you need to start taking it seriously. HVAC units like many other appliances in your house need to be maintained. Since they are dealing with dust, dirt and debris on a daily basis, the filters can become clogged reducing the overall performance and efficiency.

Luckily, maintaining the air filters is not that difficult. It is something that you can do on your own as well but when it is time for the annual maintenance. You should only consult professionals. HVAC units also comprise several components. A thorough AC inspection allows the professionals to spot potential problems and repairs. This prevents you from splashing a huge amount of money on expensive repairs or replacements down the road.

Cleaning The Condenser And Evaporator Coils

Apart from the air filters, the condenser and evaporator coils also play a huge role in the unit’s efficiency. In fact, these components do most of the work. If the condenser or evaporator coils are covered with dust and dirt, it will lead to overheating. An excessively heated component will either break down or simply fail to perform at its optimum capability.

Evaporator coils are designed to absorb humidity and heat from the air while the condenser coils expel that heat outside of your building. When the coils are covered with dust, it is not possible for them to efficiently dispel heat. Therefore, the unit heats up, the performance decreases and the energy costs rise because the unit has to work harder.

Cleaning The Air Filters

Although we have covered this point recently, we need to stress on it as well. The reason being that air filters act as the lungs of an HVAC unit. If they are clogged, the unit will find it comparatively difficult to distribute cool air. As a result, it will have to work harder than usual, increasing the energy costs.

Air filters are neither difficult to clean nor expensive to replace. However, if ignored, they can bring the entire unit down. Therefore, you should never neglect or ignore their cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, if your HVAC unit requires new air filters, you should only opt for the original factory filters. Installing other types of filters is also another reason behind reduction in efficiency.

Consider Economizers

Economizers have been around for a while and are becoming popular with each passing day. The economizer is basically a damper vent that is designed to reduce energy consumption and offer much needed relaxation to your HVAC unit.

These dampers feature sensors that read the outside temperature and humidity in the air. If the air is the right temperature, the damper vents open and allow outside air to come in. As a result, the usage of your HVAC unit is reduced. However, if the air outside is of not the right temperature, the dampers remain closed. People who have installed economizers have shared significant differences in their monthly bills.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are one of the most popular energy efficient solutions. With a programmable thermostat at your disposal, you do not have to adjust the temperature multiple times during the day. However, when it comes to installing a programmable thermostat, you should ensure that it is properly calibrated. Otherwise, instead of reducing your energy costs, you will end up with higher monthly bills.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned tips are tried and tested in terms of making your HVAC unit more energy efficient. You should make sure that it receives annual maintenance by expert commercial HVAC companies ronkonkoma and install economizers or programmable thermostats if required. While commercial HVAC units are engineered to be as efficient as possible, other factors rely on you as your responsibility to ensure maximum efficiency and save your business some money.

What to expect during a Drain Cleaning

Regardless of whether it is a rented home, or you are a homeowner, blocked drains would have caused you a headache, at some point or another in time. This can be a once-off issue- or it can be a frequent one. Clogged drains are a major pain but do not stress, because professional drain cleaning companies will do the job super easily and effectively for you. Here is a rundown of what you should expect if you ever find yourself caught up in this situation.

The History of Drains

The building or home holds all the answers to the problem. So the first step a professional drain cleaning company would do is to inquire and ask you questions. Do not be frazzled by this, or offended. It is only being asked so that the company can assess the problem, where it lies, and the extent. Think of it as a doctor, asking you some basic questions before diagnosis.


The questions would be framed around the frequency of drainage problems if they happen only under certain weather conditions. If you have had drainage problems before, what sort were they and how were they resolved? The answers to these questions can help guide companies as to what needs fixing.

Thorough Inspection

After the questions are completed, you can expect a complete inspection of the plumbing system and fixtures. Now to save time and hard work on our part, the more specific you can be the better it is for both of us. Camera inception can also be done to ascertain the damage.

Maintenance and Service

This step requires you to give us permission and access to the service area. A professional company would use safety tools and drop cloths to shield your home from any potential damage. A proper company would never compromise on these things, so keep a watchful eye out that corners are not being cut.

Let the Cleaning Commence

Now that everything has been set up accordingly the company can begin the actual act of cleaning the drain. The swerve line can be cleaned so that there is no issue from there. The drain cleaning would also clean your pipes.

Live in a Healthy Home

What many don’t realize is that professional drain cleaning services are beneficial in the long run, because it also clears all the pipes from whatever may be clinging and clogging up the inside of pipes causing slow drainage. Bacteria and mold can easily set in and it can affect your health negatively, but you may just not be aware of it. A healthy and safe home environment for you and your family should always be a priority.

The last and final Step

As mentioned earlier a camera inspection may have been used to detect the problem. Well, once a thorough cleaning has been conducted a camera may be used again to reiterate that all the systems are cleaned and that indeed the cause has been identified and cleaned.


With that, we hope that you now understand how important drain cleaning is. You should now be ready to find the best drain cleaning company in your area. However, this is a difficult task because new people often are not able to distinguish between a good and a bad company. The latter can completely ruin your drains.

Make sure you read and follow these steps. Also remember to hire professional drain cleaning services, for a healthy home, which means a happy home. So, what are you waiting for? Find a drain cleaning service today and get your drain problems sorted out before they become too bad.