What Are Seagrass Rugs And What Are Their Pros And Cons

Most rugs have a contemporary feel and style to them, but if you’re looking for something more natural and a little rustic outside of Persian rugs, then seagrass rugs are for you. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass is a type of plant which is grown in Asia, mainly in its wetlands. It is the main thing used to make seagrass rugs. The grass is harvested and it is placed on a canvas and weaved in different patterns.

There are a variety of patterns that seagrass can be woven into, but the most common one is the basket weave or the tight knot weave. It is a rough textured rug and it is mostly available in neutral colors. It is great for use in the house, outdoors, and even in your living space.

Pros And Cons Of Seagrass Rugs

Here are some good and not-so-good things about seagrass rugs.

They Are Durable

Seagrass is a highly durable material. It is a tough plant that can last for years. The canvas is also pretty heavy duty and it can bear damage from high temperatures and even water and moisture. It’s the perfect rug for you if you’re looking for something which is pet friendly and won’t be ruined by the climate or by constant maneuvering.

Seagrass Rugs Are Inexpensive

Another great thing about this rug is that it is highly inexpensive. For the quality and durability you get, this price is amazing. It’s a perfect choice for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a rug or carpet but want something which is super high quality and durable.

It is one of the many features that make this rug a best-seller among a lot of people because let’s be real; no one wants to spend $1000 on a woolen rug which requires constant and proper maintenance and can get damaged easily if you’re not careful. Seagrass rugs are the best of both worlds, where durability and reasonable price go hand in hand.

Not A Lot Of Options

This might be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Since the plant is not very colorful and is not treated further to be dyed in different colors, it doesn’t have a huge color palette to choose from. It is either available in a tan or light brown color and that’s pretty much about it.

The lack of color options is what makes this rug a no-go for most people, as they want something to match their unique interior and there is virtually nothing you can choose from.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Another great thing about these area rugs is that they are naturally sourced. This is wonderful news for people who are conscious about the planet and want to start taking sustainability more seriously. This rug is made out of a plant and there is nothing harmful about it.

It is also biodegradable after some time and it can be recycled as well. The manufacturing of this rug is also done by hand and it doesn’t require any heavy machinery or toxin-producing factories. This is, by far, the best kind of rug you can get if you want something which is sustainable for the environment and won’t affect the environment adversely.

Seagrass Rugs Don’t Insulate Heat

This might be a pro or con, depending on what you prefer. This rug is not heat-trapping. Seagrass rugs don’t have any insulating properties and therefore, they will stay cold, even in the summer months. This can be a problem in the winter, though, when you will need something to keep your feet warm, and this rug will not be able to do that.

A lot of times, people get rugs for their houses because the floors are cold and the rugs act as insulators of heat, trapping it in their thick mass and keeping the floors and your feet warm. This rug, however, is incapable of doing it.


There you have it! These rugs Virginia are quite popular in the world of carpets and for a good reason. They add that extra element of nature to your entire décor. Make sure to get high-quality seagrass rugs to ensure durability and long life.

What Are Transitional Rugs And Why Choose Them

If you are a fan of rugs, then you might be gravitating towards wholesale Persian rugs. What if there was a way you can add a modern twist to these traditional rugs? This is where transitional rugs come in handy. Here is everything you need to know about transitional rugs.

What Is A Transitional Rug?

A transitional rug is a perfect balance of modern and traditional designs found in rigs. You might be familiar with normal Persian or traditional rugs which are extremely royal and have a nice tribal feel to them. But for someone whose house is a bit more on the modern side, you would want something a bit more subtle and trendy. This is where you would want to look into transitional rugs.

These rugs are just as luxurious as a normal woolen rug, but they have a great variety of designs and patterns, which is amazing because the biggest drawback of Persian rugs is that their designs and color palette are very limited and they are mostly dark colors. This is why transitional rugs are getting more and more popular these days.

Why Transitional Rugs?

As mentioned before, Persian rugs are great and all, but the color variety is very limited. Transitional rugs, on the other hand, have a great selection of colors as well as patterns. You are not short of any type of color or design when it comes to transitional rugs.

You can get abstract patterns, solid-colored rugs, lined patterns, subtle designing on the rugs, whatever you want. The options are virtually endless, so why wouldn’t you want to go for these rugs? Once you go for a transitional rug, you will never go back to the traditional rug again, because it is literally the same rug, but in a very diverse color and pattern range.

Are They Better Than Traditional Rugs?

The choice of going for traditional or transitional rugs is all up to you. It is all based on personal preference. Some people like the look of regal Persian rugs no matter what color or design they come in. Whereas, some other people want to have a bit more variety of colors and designs, so they go for transitional rugs.

This is all up to you and how you like one type of rug more than the other. You can use these rugs for the children’s bedroom, the living room, and even the bathroom, there is just that much variety in transitional rugs. You can also have smaller or larger-sized rugs, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can select from floor covering rugs to area rugs of any possible shape, like circular, square, or even rectangular rugs.

Care And Maintenance Of Transitional Rugs

Here are some useful care and maintenance tips for transitional rugs.

  • Transitional rugs are similar to woolen rugs so you cannot just toss them in the washing machine and call it a day. You need to get it dry cleaned and it needs to be done by a professional. If you try to do it by yourself, you can ruin the fibers of the rug and it will get damaged very quickly.
  • Another thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to any type of woolen rug, whether it be traditional Persian rugs or transitional rugs, is that you need to remove stains from the rug as soon as possible. If you don’t, then it can actually become very hard to clean and you will be in for a huge task. Try to remove food stains and other forms of dirt on the rug right away.
  • You need to be careful with pets around these rugs. These rugs are a perfect playground for your pets. They will ruin the rug if you are not keeping a close eye on your pet. If you have pets, then it’s better not to have woolen rugs.

There you have it! Transitional rugs are truly the liaison between modern and traditional. You will get the same feel as a traditional rug, but the designs and patterns will be super trendy and modern. Find rugs on sale Alexandria stores that have transitional rugs to select rugs that may improve your home’s interior.

6 Unique Ways To Use Area Rugs For Home Decor

Either you want a traditional or a contemporary look, an area rug will give you both, adding more creativity to your space. You can use area oriental rugs over hardwood floors, cold tile, and many more. It adds a little more oomph to your room and reflects your personality. However, do you know that you can use an area rug over places other than your floor?

There are many unique ways to use an area rug for home decor. A few of them are written below.

DIY Your Bed Headboard

There are multiple ways to use a rug in your bedroom. I recently discovered this unique styling at my friend’s house, where she made use of a broken headboard with the rug. Well, it wasn’t looking broken or old at all until she told me. Instead, the rug added creativity and style to the bed.

So, if you got some spare bed with a plain, boring, or broken headboard, hang some pretty rug over it. And then, you can use that extra bed in your family room as a “lazy bed.” Or else, you can create this design for your bedroom’s bed as well.

Make A Bed Spread Out Of It

If you’re like me and you spend most of your time on Pinterest, you probably have seen those heavenly beautiful minimalist bedroom designs. Putting little thoughtful details changes the overall look of your space.

I always love spreading handmade rugs onto the bed, especially the one with tassels and a small embroidery design over it. This kind of rug adds some excitement to your boring plain bedsheets. Also, this design goes best for summer beddings when you don’t want to add a quilt or comforter to your bed. You can either spread it horizontally or vertically.

Makeover A Chair Or Some Sofa

Little me always used to wonder that my aunt has those fluffy, cushy, and comforting wingback chairs. I thought I’ll never have them. But there came a time when I discovered she uses old shag rugs to cover her chairs!

Well, you can do that too. But, oh, the glamorous and expensive look a shag rug gives to your sofa!!! I would say, “Just splendid.” Spread a small piece of your old rug or the whole rug over your couch, and oh so splendid.

Make A Pillow Case Out Of It

Not flattering, I actually saw a brand selling expensive pillowcases out of rugs just a few days back. But, a DIYer knows why spending a lot of bucks when you can do it on your own.

If you have some old rug that you no longer want to use for the floor or has a hole in one side, use it. Make a pillowcase or beautiful sofa cushions out of it. And if the rug has some attractive embroidery or tussles over it, that’ll be best.

Wall Hangings

Attractive, handwoven wall hangings have been used for centuries. They add an artistic look to your space. Those thought-provoking little details attract the observer towards it. For instance, if the wall hanging has something written on it or some abstract designs. Moreover, such hangings put a little less pressure over your pocket than paintings.

Well, what I love is the creativity and little details one adds to their interior design. And I am sure you do love the same. So, you can create a wall hanging with your old traditional or contemporary rug. Or you can significantly make a rug for this purpose.

Spread It Over The Ottoman

Another way to make your dull study room look creative and glamorous is by adding a rug there. If not on the floor, then on the ottoman. I am a huge fan of tussles and rugs. I think it’s one of the best combos in the world. So spread that tussled rug on the ottoman and change the overall appearance of your room.

Furthermore, you can create a cover for your old ottoman with a rug too. Honestly speaking, ottomans are way more expensive than rugs. So, why not go for a cheaper trade? Add a new vibrant rug cover over your ottoman and enjoy.

That’s it! These were more area rug decor tips so you have more ideas when you next visit to rug stores Vienna VA for new rugs.