6 Unique Ways To Use Area Rugs For Home Decor

Either you want a traditional or a contemporary look, an area rug will give you both, adding more creativity to your space. You can use area oriental rugs over hardwood floors, cold tile, and many more. It adds a little more oomph to your room and reflects your personality. However, do you know that you can use an area rug over places other than your floor?

There are many unique ways to use an area rug for home decor. A few of them are written below.

DIY Your Bed Headboard

There are multiple ways to use a rug in your bedroom. I recently discovered this unique styling at my friend’s house, where she made use of a broken headboard with the rug. Well, it wasn’t looking broken or old at all until she told me. Instead, the rug added creativity and style to the bed.

So, if you got some spare bed with a plain, boring, or broken headboard, hang some pretty rug over it. And then, you can use that extra bed in your family room as a “lazy bed.” Or else, you can create this design for your bedroom’s bed as well.

Make A Bed Spread Out Of It

If you’re like me and you spend most of your time on Pinterest, you probably have seen those heavenly beautiful minimalist bedroom designs. Putting little thoughtful details changes the overall look of your space.

I always love spreading handmade rugs onto the bed, especially the one with tassels and a small embroidery design over it. This kind of rug adds some excitement to your boring plain bedsheets. Also, this design goes best for summer beddings when you don’t want to add a quilt or comforter to your bed. You can either spread it horizontally or vertically.

Makeover A Chair Or Some Sofa

Little me always used to wonder that my aunt has those fluffy, cushy, and comforting wingback chairs. I thought I’ll never have them. But there came a time when I discovered she uses old shag rugs to cover her chairs!

Well, you can do that too. But, oh, the glamorous and expensive look a shag rug gives to your sofa!!! I would say, “Just splendid.” Spread a small piece of your old rug or the whole rug over your couch, and oh so splendid.

Make A Pillow Case Out Of It

Not flattering, I actually saw a brand selling expensive pillowcases out of rugs just a few days back. But, a DIYer knows why spending a lot of bucks when you can do it on your own.

If you have some old rug that you no longer want to use for the floor or has a hole in one side, use it. Make a pillowcase or beautiful sofa cushions out of it. And if the rug has some attractive embroidery or tussles over it, that’ll be best.

Wall Hangings

Attractive, handwoven wall hangings have been used for centuries. They add an artistic look to your space. Those thought-provoking little details attract the observer towards it. For instance, if the wall hanging has something written on it or some abstract designs. Moreover, such hangings put a little less pressure over your pocket than paintings.

Well, what I love is the creativity and little details one adds to their interior design. And I am sure you do love the same. So, you can create a wall hanging with your old traditional or contemporary rug. Or you can significantly make a rug for this purpose.

Spread It Over The Ottoman

Another way to make your dull study room look creative and glamorous is by adding a rug there. If not on the floor, then on the ottoman. I am a huge fan of tussles and rugs. I think it’s one of the best combos in the world. So spread that tussled rug on the ottoman and change the overall appearance of your room.

Furthermore, you can create a cover for your old ottoman with a rug too. Honestly speaking, ottomans are way more expensive than rugs. So, why not go for a cheaper trade? Add a new vibrant rug cover over your ottoman and enjoy.

That’s it! These were more area rug decor tips so you have more ideas when you next visit to rug stores Vienna VA for new rugs.

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