What Happens If Allergy Is Not Treated`

It’s that time of the year again when allergies are at an all-time high. You might have wondered what would’ve happened if you let your allergies go untreated for longer periods of time. This habit is not advised and you should visit an allergy doctor for allergies. Here is what could potentially happen if you don’t treat your allergies.

Loss Of Concentration

One of the main problems untreated allergies can have on you is the loss of focus and concentration. You will feel like your attention span is shortening over time and you can’t seem to focus on anything at all. This can be quite frustrating.

This can happen because allergies will always keep you occupied and you will need to combat these things first before you can get your attention span back to normal. This is why it’s very important to treat your allergies with medicine whenever you feel like they are getting aggravated.

Sleeping Problems

Another problem that might be the cause of untreated allergies is difficulty in sleep at night. There can be a lot of issues with sleep and allergies might be the root cause of them all. First of all, you will not be comfortable at all, when sleeping with an untreated allergy, because you will always feel like your breath is shortening and you will also feel your chest getting tighter. It is a very unpleasant situation to deal with.

You need to make sure that your allergies are treated before you go to bed as this will give you a good night’s rest.

Mood Shifts

Another major problem with allergies is that your mood will feel very down. You will constantly be agitated, angry, and helpless when it comes to allergies. Untreated allergies are the main cause of it all. Your mood will not be as volatile but you will be feeling down most of the time, as nothing is right with your body and you will feel lethargic and very easily agitated.

This can be quite a hard thing to deal with and this is why you should never let your allergies get worse to this extent.

Poor Immunity

Your immune system is the most compromised thing when you are suffering from allergies. Your whole body is under defense mode and the slightest foreign invasion in your body can turn the situation from bad to worse in no time at all. Your body’s immunity is important because this is what protects your body from all kinds of viruses and bacteria and you want to make sure that your body is able to fight off these things

If you leave your allergies untreated for long periods of time, then you are prone to autoimmune diseases and that is a huge problem in itself.

Feeling Tired All The Time

Chronic fatigue is also another common thing that can occur when your allergies are left untreated for too long. Chronic fatigue is nothing but the feeling of being tired all of the time, even though you aren’t doing anything tiresome in the first place.

Chronic fatigue can also make you feel super weak and lethargic and all you want to do is lounge on the bed and do nothing. It doesn’t go away until you take care of your allergies. You will see a major difference in how your body feels after treating the allergies and getting rid of the fatigue.


Last but not least, anaphylaxis is a life-threatening disorder that is the result of leaving your allergies untreated for a long time, until it reaches a point of no return. Anaphylaxis can lead to stopping breathing, organ failure, and a lot of other things which are serious medical emergencies and they need to be treated as soon as possible if you want your life to be saved.

Anaphylaxis is usually caused by food allergies or allergies which can trigger the breathing and beating of your heart and it can be quite dangerous.


There you have it! It’s not a good idea to leave allergies untreated. It can lead to a lot of problems which can become a serious medical emergency and you will need help from a medical specialist or allergist Manassas right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to treat allergies at home this season?

Every year, when the allergy season is at its peak, a large number of people suffer from allergic rhinitis and hay fever. Usually, there are there different types of allergies. These include respiratory allergies, food allergies, and contact allergies. In case you are not sure about the type of allergy that you are suffering from, get allergy testing done right away. This will help you in staying away from the triggers.

Typically, allergies begin due to an unusual response of the immune system to certain allergens. This results in runny nose, sinus waste, water eyes, breathing problems, and an itchy throat.

Treating allergies at home

Usually, the spring season is considered to be the primary season in which allergies hit. However, people who carry other allergies are at risk throughout the year. In case you are having trouble with allergies, this article will help you out.

Use saline rinse and neti pots

Neti pots are considered to be one of the most effective remedies to relieve allergy symptoms. These can be used to flush out the nasal depression, using sterile saline solutions. This will also flush out the allergens.

Use steam

Did you know? Inhaling steam is one of the simplest and easiest methods of relieving the nasty allergy symptoms. Steam is highly useful because it soaks up the dry nasal passages, which soothes them. At the same time, it also helps in flushing out allergens such as pollen that are stuck in the nasal pathways. However, it often only provides a momentary relief from the symptoms. In case your allergy symptoms are getting nastier, reach out to a doctor right away.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a useful item to reduce the creation of mucous in your nasal passages  All that you need to do is to mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink this solution three times a day in order to get relief from your symptoms. .

Using nettle leaves

Nettle leaves are natural antihistamines. This means that they can provide you relief like no other item. These herbs have been used for centuries and can be used in the form of a tea or a tincture. However, they are considered to be the most effective in the form of a tea. Do remember that this tea must be sipped very slowly, and should always be consumed warm (for the best effects).

Carrot + beetroot juice

A carrot + beetroot juice will light your immune system up, and help you fight external agents. This can also provide some relief from the symptoms of allergies. In this regard, mix just 100 ml of beetroot juice in 250 ml carrot juice.

Lemon and honey

Lemon is a natural anti-allergic citrus fruit, which flushes all the allergens out and also eases your symptoms. That, combined with honey gives amazing results. Simply, take one cup of warm water and squeeze one lemon in. After that, mix in one tablespoon of honey and sip it slowly. You can safely drink it a couple of times in a day, depending on the extent of your allergy symptoms. However, since lemon is acidic in nature, it is recommended to not to be taken on an empty stomach.

Ending note

All of the above mentioned remedies can help you in treating the symptoms of allergies. However, these should not be considered as an alternative for medical treatment. So, we highly recommend you to visit an allergy clinic Germantown whenever you feel like your allergy symptoms are flaring up again. While natural treatment does certainly help, it can never be substituted for proper medical care.