What Are Metalized Car Window Tints Why Are They Not Legal

If you want to have shades for your car windows in the form of tints, there are many types auto glass tinting to choose from such as dyed tints, metalized tints, hybrid tints, and ceramic tints. We will discuss more about metalized tints in this blog and why are they illegal.

Metalized Auto Window Tints

These films have two layers. One layer is used to protect the vehicle from UV rays. The second metallic layer blocks light and heat and keep your vehicle temperature balanced.

Pros Of Metalized Tints

They Add Strength To The Window

The fact that metal particles are used as layer to form this tint, it also makes the window stronger once installed. In many cases, it makes a window shatter-proof. This increase security of the vehicle as well because breaking the window would be harder for intruders.

Heat Reduction

The metal layer ensures top-notch heat prevention and reduction. This may help you relax your car’s AC in summers.

Block UV Rays

Similar to other high-quality window tints, metalized tints also block UV rays. You won’t have to worry about sun burn, skin cancer, or other side effects of increased exposure to the sun when driving.

Cons Of Metalized Tints

Highly Reflective

Owing the metal element in the tint film, metalized tints they are highly reflective. They look like a mirror and may seem stunning in photos, but reflective windows are a security hazard. That’s because due to reflectiveness, other drivers and law enforcements can’t clearly identify the number of people in the vehicle. This is the reason why metalized tints are illegal in the US.

Block Radio Signal

Another con of the using metal in the tint film is that it interferes with or blocks radio and cellular signals. If you don’t want to have a bad phone service, avoid metal tints.

Which Car Widow Tint Film Is The Best?

If you can spend some extra bucks, ceramic tinting is the best option. It has an adhesive layer bonded with a thing ceramic layer and on top of that, a protective layer.

Benefits Of Ceramic Window Tinting

UV Protection

It has been pointed out earlier that continued exposure to the sun without any filter for UV rays can cause skin and eye damage. It also accelerates the fading of the vehicle’s interior.

Ceramic car window tinting blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays reducing the risk of eye and skin problems.

Reduced Glare

Sun glare while driving on the roads is not only irritating, it can cause an accident any time. Ceramic tints are designed to reduce glare and harmful effects of sunlight. A ceramic tinted window will only allow 50% of the light into the vehicle keeping the vision clear and the ride safe. This effect also applies to night when headlights of other cars distract a driver, these tints keep things safe.

No Signal Problems

Metallic films have the problem of interfering with signals. Ceramic window tints don’t share this problem owing to the fact that metal isn’t used in manufacturing these films. They are made of ceramic particles and don’t interfere with any kind of signals. So, you won’t experience a dropped call due to signal problems inside the car.


Noticing car window tints turning yellow or scratched every year or so is worrying. It means you’ll be replacing car window tints ever year which is time consuming and costly. Ceramic tints are pricier than other types, but when installed correctly, they can last for years.

The ceramic coating of these tints is made of nanoparticles which are durable. They provide a similar security that metal tints provide against theft without their side effects.

Privacy And Protection

This is a basic benefit which all tints provide except clear window tints. Because of the shade, you won’t worry about prying eyes.

Moreover, the ceramic coating makes the glass shatter-proof. In the event of an accident, the glass may break, but it won’t shatter. This will avoid shards of glass injuring the skin.


Metalized tint are durable and block heat and UV rays, but they are highly reflective and cause signal interference. You should ask your car window tinting shop Springfield to install ceramic tints due their numerous benefits.

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