What to expect during a Drain Cleaning

Regardless of whether it is a rented home, or you are a homeowner, blocked drains would have caused you a headache, at some point or another in time. This can be a once-off issue- or it can be a frequent one. Clogged drains are a major pain but do not stress, because professional drain cleaning companies will do the job super easily and effectively for you. Here is a rundown of what you should expect if you ever find yourself caught up in this situation.

The History of Drains

The building or home holds all the answers to the problem. So the first step a professional drain cleaning company would do is to inquire and ask you questions. Do not be frazzled by this, or offended. It is only being asked so that the company can assess the problem, where it lies, and the extent. Think of it as a doctor, asking you some basic questions before diagnosis.


The questions would be framed around the frequency of drainage problems if they happen only under certain weather conditions. If you have had drainage problems before, what sort were they and how were they resolved? The answers to these questions can help guide companies as to what needs fixing.

Thorough Inspection

After the questions are completed, you can expect a complete inspection of the plumbing system and fixtures. Now to save time and hard work on our part, the more specific you can be the better it is for both of us. Camera inception can also be done to ascertain the damage.

Maintenance and Service

This step requires you to give us permission and access to the service area. A professional company would use safety tools and drop cloths to shield your home from any potential damage. A proper company would never compromise on these things, so keep a watchful eye out that corners are not being cut.

Let the Cleaning Commence

Now that everything has been set up accordingly the company can begin the actual act of cleaning the drain. The swerve line can be cleaned so that there is no issue from there. The drain cleaning would also clean your pipes.

Live in a Healthy Home

What many don’t realize is that professional drain cleaning services are beneficial in the long run, because it also clears all the pipes from whatever may be clinging and clogging up the inside of pipes causing slow drainage. Bacteria and mold can easily set in and it can affect your health negatively, but you may just not be aware of it. A healthy and safe home environment for you and your family should always be a priority.

The last and final Step

As mentioned earlier a camera inspection may have been used to detect the problem. Well, once a thorough cleaning has been conducted a camera may be used again to reiterate that all the systems are cleaned and that indeed the cause has been identified and cleaned.


With that, we hope that you now understand how important drain cleaning is. You should now be ready to find the best drain cleaning company in your area. However, this is a difficult task because new people often are not able to distinguish between a good and a bad company. The latter can completely ruin your drains.

Make sure you read and follow these steps. Also remember to hire professional drain cleaning services, for a healthy home, which means a happy home. So, what are you waiting for? Find a drain cleaning service today and get your drain problems sorted out before they become too bad.

Signs that it is time to call drain contractors

Sometimes, minor clogs in the house drains can be fixed on your own. You would not have any issues clearing such blockages away. However, when it comes to the bigger clogs, it probably means that you need the help of local drain cleaning services.

In this article, we put together all the signs that suggest it is time for you to do something about your drains. When this happens, it means that the clogs have become too big and soon, they will be out of your control.

In this regard, take a look at the following possible signs:

Multiple and frequent clogs

Have you noticed that the occurrence of clogs is becoming more frequent in your house? In case this is something that is happening regularly, then it is certainly a big cause of concern. In this regard, you may have to take care about it.

For instance, if both your sink and toilet have clogged at the same time, it probably means that the problem is rather huge and hence, you need to address is accordingly.

Odour spreading in house

In case there is a major clog in your drain, chances are that the odor in your house is spreading from there. After all, a large number of food particles and organic matter goes out of the drain. As a result of this, the left-over residue sometimes results in a bad stench.

This is something that one cannot get rid off with the help of store products. And hence, in this regard, plumbers are going to make the things right for you.

Backup of sewer water

If a sewer water backup occurs, chances are that you will always be able to see the evidence of that. For instance, the waste still may be around, and the basement of the shower or tub will be wet and drained.

With that, the sewer water may also leave behind some nasty mess, which is evidence of the fact that a sewer water backup has occurred.

Water accumulation

In case the water is accumulating and pooling around your feet when you are showering, it probably means that the drains are slower due to the drain clog. Similarly, the water could stay accumulated in your swimming pool also. This is yet another common issue that occurs from a clog in the drain.

Similarly, the water in your sink will also have trouble clearing away. Such accumulation will prevent the water from draining out in time.

In this regard, there are a number of things you can do all by yourself for your drain. However, if this is an issue that is too frequent, then you are better off with plumbing services.

Water is bubbling

Other than that, another very common issue is the bubbling of the water. As a result of this, there could be possible clogs or blockages in the central system or the drain line.

If there is water bubbling, this probably means that the air is blocked in the drain lines. And this is one of the issues that you cannot simply resolve with the help of household remedies.


So, while you are at it, make sure that you take these signs very seriously. If you do not take them seriously, then these signs will grow and become very big problems for you in the near future. And that is the last thing that you would certainly want. So, why let that time come?

Reach out to good sewer cleaning companies today, and get this sorted out for yourself as soon as possible. Otherwise, the problem will simply continue to increase beyond your control. And that is the last thing that you would want for yourself, indeed.