A guide to buying commercial restaurant appliances

Buying appliances and other equipment for your restaurant is a big investment. Let us also not forget the maintenance costs such as commercial appliances repair that come along with it. Hence, it is very important to do some research beforehand and to be confident about what you are buying.

Some tips for buying commercial restaurant equipment

In this article, we present several tips that you could use when you are buying equipment for your restaurant. Consider it as a checklist, after which your food business will be ready for success.

Only buy what you need

It is important to plan your menu out beforehand. Based on this plan, only focus on the equipment that you require to prepare the food items. For instance, do not poke a hole in your wallet to buy a full-sized oven that will only be used once in a day. Similarly, do not hold back on some specialty restaurant equipment if it offers you some labor-saving.

At times, it is very necessary to keep up with the demand of some food items. For these specific items, consider buying heavy-duty appliances or those that have a larger output capacity.

On one hand, buying undersized appliances can anger your waiting customers by slowing the service down. On the other hand, over-sized equipment can cost thousands of dollars more along with added energy costs.

Meet all the local codes

Before buying commercial appliances for your restaurant, it is important to see all the codes including health, environment, building, and fire. For instance, halo carbons used in commercial refrigerators contribute to the greenhouse effect. Hence, you will need a refrigerator that is in line with your local codes.

Do the local codes vary?

Yes, local codes tend to vary throughout the country. So, what may be allowed in one area might not be just a few miles away. In this regard, research whether the equipment you are using along with your restaurant’s layout is in line with all the codes. This is because in case you violate these codes, you will have to face hefty fines equivalent to thousands of dollars.

Consider the warranty

Before investing your money in appliances, consider the way each product is backed up by the manufacturer. In this regard, only buy warranted appliances.

Some appliances are not warranted and will be a few notches cheaper than the warranted ones. However, in the long run, unwarranted appliances can be very costly due to service calls.

See the long-term costs

Apart from the one-time cost of buying, you will also have to pay some utility costs throughout the unit’s lifetime. For instance, coolers and refrigerators work harder during the summer season to remain to cool. This results in higher usage of energy. In this regard, make sure that you are buying energy-efficient equipment so that such costs can be lowered.

Along with that, also consider the maintenance costs and the potential repair costs of freezing units. Often at times, repair costs can go as high as a thousand dollars. Though, you can find the best rates for commercial freezer repairs Northern VA if you look around.

Apart from that, it is also important to know the amount of current that each equipment uses. Often at times, you will have to set up your plugs and electrical outlets based on the specifications of the appliance. Similarly, research the availability and cost of propane and natural gas in your area.

A number of these things can be changed, though. For instance, your local electrician can easily change or add new power outlets. Similarly, you can make use of conversion kits between propane and natural gas. However, in case you know what you require ahead of time, you will be able to plan your budget better and avoid any unexpected costs.


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