Is Your Furnace Blower Motor Faulty?

A furnace is an essential heating appliance that keeps your house comfortable and cozy when the temperature outside is freezing. Although, furnaces are rigid appliances and will perform effortlessly for years if maintained properly but can still experience some problems. A common furnace problem is the blower motor going bad and it must be replaced by certified furnace repair services. We will share a few tips that will help you determine if the blower motor has gone bad and needs replacement.

No Air From The Vents

If your furnace blower motor has gone bad or is about to go about, you will notice no air coming from the vents when you turn on the heat. You will have no other option but to replace the motor when it’s not working at all.

On the other hand, there are some other reasons as well that are causing this problem. For instance, something might be stuck in the vents preventing air from passing. It’s possible that the thermostat settings are not right.

Plus, relay issues can also cause airflow complications. That said, before you blame the blower motor, you will need to check for such factors as the blower motor does not come cheap.

If the furnace happens to be old along with the vents, there could be leaks, cracks, or damage that is causing the air to escape even before it reaches the inside of your house. You will need to perform a thorough inspection of the vents and fix any flaws.

At the same time, check if birds, rats, or other intruders have taken up accommodation. During the winter season, animals are in search of warm conditions and might end up in the furnace. The only way to prevent this is by performing regular inspections.

Increasing Energy Bills

Even though a furnace comprises several different parts the blower motor consumes the most electricity as it is responsible for circulating hot air by running constantly. This means if you notice your energy bills are going up every month, it could be the furnace struggling to be efficient.

A decrease in the furnace’s efficiency means it is working harder to heat the house in the same settings as before. Then again, there could be any other factor contributing to this issue. It could be that someone is constantly changing the thermostat settings.

Weird Noises

While running, furnaces produce a slight humming sound. If you observe weird and unusual sounds, it means something is wrong with your HVAC system. These appliances can produce rattling, squeaking, or screeching sounds. When this happens, you should immediately shut down the unit and try to determine the source of the sound.

As mentioned earlier, a furnace comprises several different parts and each could produce different types of sounds. It could be as simple as the blower motor bearing needing replacement or as bad as the blower fan giving up.

Do not attempt to diagnose the issue while the furnace is running. You can end up seriously injuring yourself considering the extremely hot temperature. Meanwhile, a rattling or knocking noise in most cases means something is broken. However, banging sounds are the most important and lethal.

It means you have to replace the whole blower motor. Depending on the make, model, and age of your furnace, the blower motor may or may not be that expensive. But you must consult an expert and have him handle the issue because regular homeowners can’t do blower motor replacements if they don’t have the experience in doing so.


Your furnace blower motor can also overheat. Even if maintained properly, keep in mind that blower motors come with a lifespan attached. This means after several years, the components inside the blower motor will weaken and overheat. Plus, if you observe a strange smell coming from the air vents, it most likely means the blower motor is overheating.

In addition to that, if you notice the blower motor shutting off mid-operation, it means it is overheating. Then again, you will need an expert from HVAC companies Tyson’s Corner to handle the issue as an overheating blower motor is a serious problem. If not handled quickly, the overheating can also affect other parts of the furnace and, in worst cases, it can also start a fire.

The Furnace Is Not Powering Up

If your furnace has a bad blower motor, it will simply fail to turn on. Even if it manages to turn on, it will not produce or circulate hot air. Furthermore, if you have to constantly restart the furnace, it means something is seriously wrong.

Plus, it could also be a power issue or someone playing around with the thermostat settings. The thermostat determines the amount of warm air the furnace needs to produce to keep the house warm. If there is a relay or any such related issue, the furnace will fail to turn on. Contact a professional to help sort out the issue.

The Furnace Is Simply Old

If nothing else works out, it simply means your furnace is old and you will need to replace it. With time, the components inside the furnace turn weak and you cannot spend money on frequent repairs. If you notice the value of repairs and replacements crossing the actual value of the unit, it would be wise to opt for a new replacement.

When a furnace turns old, there is no guarantee that repairs and replacements will be able to hold on. At some point, the furnace will constantly experience problems and that will be the best time to opt for a replacement. A new furnace will be more efficient that your old furnace.

How Do I Prevent Furnace Problems?

Furnaces like other household appliances need maintenance to keep running smoothly for years to come. Every manufacturer recommends professional maintenance depending on the usage frequency of the unit. As a general rule of thumb, you should get the furnace maintained by a professional at least once a year.

However, if the usage frequency is mostly throughout the year, you should perform professional maintenance twice. In the meantime, you should also look out for unusual signs and symptoms that might indicate a problem. So, you will be able to fix the issue before it turns serious.

While inspecting the furnace, it is equally important to check the relevant components as well such as the vents. If you have installed an aftermarket thermostat, you might need to replace its batteries or recalibrate it.

Professional maintenance is not only limited to cleaning the unit but also checking for potential problems by spotting unusual signs and symptoms such as cracks, damage, or leakages. Most people think of it as expensive whereas it is like an investment.

By investing in professional maintenance, you get to avoid problems during extreme temperatures and keep things running problem-free for years.


A furnace blower motor going bad can produce several signs & symptoms. You need to be familiar with them to be able to diagnose the issue on the spot. Plus, make sure to schedule professional maintenance avoid further complications in the future and hire furnace services Arlington if you notice any of the above signs or you suspect that the blower motor is bad.

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Out Lukewarm Air

Your furnace blowing out lukewarm air all of a sudden can be a frustrating situation. You might think that the entire furnace has turned faulty but that is not the case. Sometimes, all you need is a simple fix that will get your furnace back running normally. If not, you should involve furnace repair services. Let’s discuss!

Check The Thermostat Settings

It is often that homeowners accidentally change the settings of the thermostat which results in the furnace blowing lukewarm air. In such cases, your furnace will run but it won’t produce hot air as it is supposed to. That said, the first thing you should check is the thermostat settings.

Make sure that your thermostat is set to “ON” instead of “auto”. If you own an HVAC system, you should know that it comes with several sensors that keep track of the temperature inside your home. This helps the furnace determine how much heat it needs to produce to keep the house warm.

Upon changing the thermostat settings, you notice that the furnace is still blowing out lukewarm air, it is probably a good idea to check the limit switch. If that is working fine, you should move on to the next issue.

A Dirty Or Bad Air Filter

In most cases, homeowners fail to recognize the importance of air filters. Furnaces need clean air filters to circulate hot air properly. If the air filters tend to be clogged, the unit will find it hard to perform at its optimum. That said, you should make sure the air filters are always clean and replaced when needed.

To make sure, consult the user’s manual. Every manufacturer recommends replacing air filters after a certain period of time. Regular inspections and cleaning will ensure that the air filters are clean and the unit performs effortlessly.

You Own A Two-Stage Furnace

You might have not heard of the two-stage furnace but it is very common around the world. The reason these furnaces are common in cold areas is that they come with a different set of valve positions and programming to help keep your home cozy and comfortable.

A two-stage furnace has three valves that open based on your needs and preferences. At its peak, all the valves will open and will offer maximum heat to your house. And since these furnaces in the lower stages do not push as warm air as in the higher stages, you might feel lukewarm air entering your house.

Problem With The Gas Supply

Most furnaces run on propane or natural gas. If you observe that your furnace is blowing cold air, you might need to check the gas supply. The first thing you need to do is call your gas company and check with them if there is a problem with the supply line or the gas itself.

If not, there is a small chance that the problem lies with the thermocouple or the flame sensor. Try turning on and off the furnace to see what happens. If the furnace fails to light up, it means either the thermocouple has gone bad or the flame sensor is broken.

Should I Consult A Professional?

When it comes to fixing the lukewarm air, furnace not reaching the set temperature, or any other issue related to your furnace, you should always consult a professional. The reason is that a furnace can be a complicated machine for those who are not aware of the basics.

Therefore, one might end up injuring themselves by playing around with the components. A professional will thoroughly inspect the furnace and try to determine the root cause of the problem.

However, keep in mind there are a lot of scammers out there posing as experts. Always check for references and certifications to ensure that you are hiring the right individual. If you are contacting a business, ask them for their license and other relevant information to be on the safe side.

Final Word

furnace blowing out lukewarm air. Always hire reliable furnace services Arlington VA for repairs or replacements and make sure you maintain your furnace in the meantime. When choosing a furnace repair service, don’t settle for the lowest rate because they might cut corners to provide services at a low cost. Ask for references and certifications.

7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Oil Furnace

Furnaces are one of the most vital parts of our homes that sit quietly in a corner and never get the attention they deserve. Furnaces work a lot to keep our houses warm, so, they need us to take proper care of them in return with the help of furnace repair services. This, however, never happens in the case of a lot of people who only pay attention to their furnace once it stops working at all or develops a serious issue.

Remember that furnaces have a certain working time after which they need you to replace them with better and more fuel efficient models. Here are some ways you can find if your furnace really needs a change or just requires another repair.

Really Old Furnaces Must Be Changed

By really old, we mean the furnaces who’ve been in your service for 10 to 20 years or more. That is because, like any other heating equipment, furnace also starts deteriorating in its efficiency and start burning more fuel and providing less heat to your house. You can find the age of your furnace from things like serial numbers and models.

So, if your furnace is considerably old, you better replace it with a newer model to get a lot of additional benefits.

High Gas Bills Are Another Indication

If you happen to have an old furnace installed in your house, and you’re witnessing a constant increase in your monthly gas bill overtime, it’s probably time to change the furnace and bring home a new one. Gas bills start increasing primarily because with time, furnaces tend to become less efficient and use more fuel to heat up the air inside your house. This, in turn, causes a certain increase in your gas bills.

These days, there are a lot of furnace models on the market that claim crazy gas savings. Remember that these high efficiency models might be a bit expensive, but they are like an investment and will cover their cost eventually by saving you some money on the gas bills.

Does It Require Frequent Repairs?

Furnaces are usually built very strong, and they are there to last once you install them. But since they too have a recommended usage time, they start breaking near the end of their life. A big sign is that you’ll often need to change major parts of the furnace in order to keep it working properly.

Expensive repairs along with the constantly decreasing efficiency might cost you way more than buying an efficient and brand new furnace for your home. So, get a new furnace if the old one starts requiring more repairs more often.

No Uniform Heating

Uniform heating is very important for your house. A working furnace should have no problem keeping the while of your house on a single temperature. But a broken furnace might start distributing the heat unequally throughout the house. You might end up with some colder rooms and some way hotter rooms in this error. So, if your furnace isn’t heating up the house properly, you should quickly buy another one to keep the inside of your house perfectly warm.

The Flame Color Has Changed

Flame color of furnace directly indicates the health of your furnace. An ideal flame should have orange to reddish color, with a small tip of yellow flame on the top. But if your furnace isn’t providing an orange flame, you should get it inspected thoroughly by am expert. Often, the flame color issue can be resolved by an expert. But if the issue gets out of your hand, it might need a replacement. This is important especially because the inefficient furnaces with other colors of flame use more gas to heat up the air of your house.

Unusual Sounds From The Furnace

When a furnace is amount to break down, it starts making different and strange sounds. Unusual sound means that the furnace is nearing its end. These annoying noises could be avoided if you invest in a new furnace. New furnaces work quietly and are more efficient.

Your Family Is Suffering From Some Medical Conditions

Furnaces start releasing carbon monoxide when they become old and inefficient. That is why your family might start suffering from flu, headaches, burning in the eyes and nausea etc. Get it checked by furnace services ronkonkoma and change it right away to avoid any further side effects.