What Color Highlights Should I Get

A lot of women love to experiment with their hair and a great way to do it is to get highlights. But if you are someone who is just getting started with highlights or having your first visit to a balayage salon, then these tips will help you a lot.

Cool Toned Or Warm Toned?

The first and very important thing before you even decide which color of highlights you want to go for is to determine the undertone of your hair color first. Is it cool tone and has shades of white and blue? Is it warm toned and looks orange and brown? This is a very important test to do and it’s quite easy to do so. You need natural lighting in this case. You can go outside first and determine whether your hair color shows more blue tones or more yellow or brown tones. This is a great thing because you can get highlights of the same undertone and it will compliment your hair a lot.

If you go for opposite tone highlights, it will not blend well with your hair and no one wants choppy or noticeable highlights. The highlights should be like a peek and the highlight color should blend in with your natural color, with just a little bit of distinction. This is a great stepping stone to get you started on choosing and narrowing down some highlight colors.

Choose According To Your Eye Color

Your eye color is also a good indicator of what type of highlights you should get on your hair. Again, you can use the cool tone warm tone test on your eyes to find out which color looks best on you. If you have cool colored eyes, like blue, grey, or any other lighter cool color, then you should go for complimentary highlights of the same cool color spectrum. You can choose platinum, gold, or even blonde highlights because they will go amazing with cooler colored eyes. The same technique goes for warm colored eyes like honey, browns, and hazel.

Highlights Or Lowlights?

There is a huge difference between highlights and lowlights. Highlights are the lighter color streaks done on darker hair, whereas lowlights are the darker colored streaks done on lighter hair. So the dark and light contrast is very important to determine.

The colors are different in both highlights and lowlights because the base color is either dark or light. So, you need to have a closer look at your hair and decide whether you want to go for highlights or lowlights. This decision will automatically make color choices easier for you since they nullify most options that don’t go with that particular hair color technique.

Universal Formula Of Highlights

You will be happy to know that there is a general rule of thumb for highlights and lowlights. The rule is pretty easy but it can do wonders for you. In the case of highlights, your highlight or streak color should be 2 to 3 shades lighter than your darker base color. In the case of lowlights, your lowlight or streak color should be 2 to 3 shades darker than your lighter base hair color. This is a great formula and this shade range is perfect for making the highlights or lowlights peek through your hair, but also blend in with your hair without looking too distinct.

What Are The Perfect Highlights?

The perfect highlights or lowlights even is a beautiful combination of light and dark colored streaks, which look distinct, but not too highlighted. They are in a perfect blending harmony, so much so that you have difficulty in setting apart the difference between the two colors. The perfect highlights or lowlights have to blend in with your mane and it shouldn’t look choppy or amateur. Your hair colorist is the master here and you should really think about committing to a particular hair colorist because you want your hair to look effortless.

Final Word

These tips will ensure that the color of highlights you go for looks amazing against your hair and your skin. These highlights will compliment your entire look and your gorgeous locks will turn heads everywhere. Remember these tips for your next appointment at a hair highlights salon. Hypno