What To Know For Building An Outdoor Kitchen In A Cold Climate

Outdoor kitchens are mostly preferred by those who love to spend some time outdoors. It is slowly gaining popularity but what stops some homeowners from contacting masonry contractors for an outdoor kitchen is the cold weather conditions. If you are someone who dreams of having an outdoor kitchen but does not know how to turn it into a reality, we have got some important tips to share. Let’s discuss!

Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen in cold climates is more or less the same process as building an outdoor kitchen in normal climates with the exception of making sure that you consider winterizing your outdoor kitchen. For instance, during extreme weather conditions, there is a real risk of the pipes bursting as they freeze due to not being insulated.

With that said, it is important that you drain all the pipes and close the water supply. The reason is that even a small amount of water left in your pipes may cause them to burst. However, there is a good side to it as well. Cooking in cold climates does not require installing a refrigerator or wine cooler.

Even if you do have one or two installed, make sure to unplug them. You can use the unplugged refrigerator to store some food. In addition to that, you should perform a thorough inspection of any electrical appliances that are exposed to the outdoors.

Check for any cracked or damaged wires through which moisture can enter. It is better to cover up as many electrical appliances as possible to avoid expensive replacements.

Shelter Your Space

Having an outdoor kitchen in a cold climate should not stop you from having the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. The thing is that you can do a lot to make it functional and effective. Although we have discussed how to perform a thorough inspection to ensure cover-ups, but if your area or region experiences snow and rain for most of the year, then you might want to consider sheltering your space, which means adding a roof.

In this case, it is important to add a roof to protect your expensive investment. The good news about adding shelter is that you can get one made according to your needs and preferences. However, it will need to be installed by a professional as well. This will increase the costs but you will be at ease knowing that your appliances are protected when the weather turns for the worst.

Choose The Right Materials

Since you have already planned to build an outdoor kitchen and that too in a cold climate, you should be careful with your material selection. Not every material out there that you like is going to match the overall purpose. You need to opt for materials that are specifically designed to tackle and withstand snow, ice, and rain.

Furthermore, the materials should also be able to deal with problems related to discoloration, precipitation, and puddles. To avoid that, contractors usually suggest powder coating that comes with several colors and finish options.

It is important to protect the steel from constant exposure. Even though steel as compared to other varieties is much more durable but won’t warp like wood. Plus, it can also withstand a lot of abuse and wear and tear.

Create A Functional Workspace And Keep It Organized

Creating a functional kitchen space and keeping it organized is as important as choosing the right materials. Most homeowners tend to become lazy once the extreme cold weather sets in, which can create a mess. If the kitchen is left ignored for months, you will need to spend more time cleaning it as grime, dust, and dirt will make the stains harder to remove.

At the same time, you should make sure to return every item and object to its place after being used. This prevents the hassle and effort put into finding the same items when needed for cooking.

Final Word

Concluding, building an outdoor kitchen in a cold climate requires careful planning and choosing the right materials. Make sure that you define your needs and preferences that help you narrow down your options and look for expert outdoor kitchen contractors port jefferson for the project. Otherwise, you can easily end up spending money in the air with no returns.