What Are The Different Ways To Take CBD

The studies conducted yet on the health impact of CBD. Therefore, many people use CBD products like CBD gummies for anxiety, pain, and sleep. With the legalization of CBD on a federal level in the US, the market is full of CBD products. If you’re considering CBD for a health problem, these are the different ways you can take CBD.

Oral Consumption Or Edibles

Many CBD products can be consumed orally like any other food item. These are the easiest and the most convenient way of taking CBD because many forms won’t look different from normal food. Take CBD gummies. They appear as normal gummies so you can take them whenever you like without any worries.

Moreover, many CBD edibles have sugar and artificial flavors and are preferred by people who want to avoid the taste of the cannabinoid. That being said, artificial flavors and sugar can be problematic for people who have conditions like diabetes.

Additionally, edibles go to the stomach and take more than 2 hours to kick in. So, people should avoid taking big amounts of CBD in small intervals. They should wait for at least 2 hours for CBD to kick in.

Plus, when CBD is ingested, it doesn’t go straight to the bloodstream. The CBD will be broken down by the digestive tract and your body will absorb 20-30% of CBD only from the edible.

A benefit of CBD edibles like CBD oil is that they can be used in any food. So, after cooking food with a small amount of CBD oil, you can enjoy your meal and the effects of CBD.

Oral CBD options are available in these forms:

  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Oils


Sublingual refers to taking something by placing it under your tongue. Taking a sublingual CBD product under the tongue is a quicker way for CBD to be dissolved into your bloodstream. Therefore, you will feel the effect within 15 minutes compared to the 2 hours wait time for edibles.

Due to the quick effect, sublingual products like tinctures, sprays, lozenges, and oil are preferred by people. Also, those who want to avoid sugar and preservatives in edibles like sublingual CBD products as well.

Sublingual products go directly into the bloodstream so your body absorbs more percentage of CBD and the effects are quicker as well.

CBD Topicals

You can use topical products of CBD to apply directly to your skin. They are used mostly for treating localized conditions like skin reactions, rashes, and joint pain caused by arthritis or any other condition. Common CBD topicals are oils, balms, creams, ointments, and lotions.

Like sublingual items, topicals don’t go through the digestive system so the concentration of CBD isn’t affected if you apply a topical CBD product on your skin.

Keep in mind that the permeability of skin and the sublingual tissue is hugely different. It’s poor for the skin and excellent for sublingual tissues. Due to this reason, you may need to apply the topical product generously on your skin to get the desired effect.

CBD Inhalation

With these products, you can inhale CBD and let it be absorbed by the mucous membranes in your lungs. You can vaporize CBD oil, smoke dried hemp flower, or use another method for inhaling CBD concentrates.

The effects of CBD can be felt quickly because CBD goes from the lungs to the bloodstream. However, keep in mind that this method is the most dangerous method of taking CBD because it can expose you to carcinogens and other chemicals that are harmful to your health and especially to the lungs.

Get Advice From A Doctor

Before using any form of CBD, discuss with your doctor whether it’s good for your health and if it would interact with any other medication you’re taking. Keep in mind that the safest way to use CBD is by applying it topically on your skin for pain and skin conditions and the most dangerous method is inhaling CBD.


CBD is available in many forms like gummies, oils, sprays, ointments, and more. You can choose the right way of taking it according to your needs and preferences. Make sure to get CBD products from a reputable CBD shop and consider factors like dosages and safety certificates.

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