How To Throw A Wedding After-Party

A wedding after-party is a great way to entertain the guests after the wedding is done and over with. Here is everything you need to know about planning the perfect wedding after-party. With another night or day of celebration, you may even get some discounts from wedding party rentals.

Plan Beforehand

Planning and hosting a wedding is plenty of work in itself, so if you want to host an after-party as well, then you might need to get a head start and plan things ahead of time. Since the wedding hosts, aka the bride and groom, will be the hosts of the after-party, planning things before will save you both from a lot of stress and everything will be handled perfectly, by the end of the wedding.

Venue Should Be Accessible

First things first, you need to decide where you will be throwing this party. Usually, a wedding after-party is scheduled right after the reception, and all of the guests are invited, leaving out the elderly and kids. For the after-party, try to select a venue that is near your reception area.

If you can, host the party in the same venue you are hosting the actual wedding. This can get you major discounts and the deals are amazing. But, if you want to throw the party elsewhere, then try to go for a venue that’s not too far away from the reception and create a deal with your existing party and tent rentals Rockland NY about the arrangements.

After-Party Venue Ideas

If you want some ideas for a perfect wedding after-party, then here are some ideas:

  • A Low-key Party at the Beach: A beach party is wonderful and you don’t need to belong to a certain age group to enjoy a good time at the beach. You can have the beach decorated and you can even reserve huts for people to stay the night in. Make sure to have tons of entertainment, which obviously involves taking a dip in the cool ocean water. This party idea is also pretty inexpensive compared to a party thrown at a hotel or another fancy venue.
  • A Formal Hotel Party: If you don’t like beaches and prefer an indoor venue for your wedding after-party, then a hotel is perfect. Keep in mind that this will be more expensive than other outdoor venues, but on the plus side, you won’t have to worry about the décor, food, and other arrangements, as everything will be covered in the total bill. You can never go wrong with a hotel party. It’s an intimate setting, where you can dress up, have fun and make lots of memories with your friends and family. It’s also more accessible for guests of all age groups.
  • A Glamorous Picnic: If you want to do something different, then consider a picnic with a movie or live band. This is a great and unique way to host an after-party and it is the best of both worlds. It is extremely low-key and the result will be a good time with your loved ones, dancing and singing the night away with your favorite band or getting entertained by your favorite movies playing on a big screen. A picnic is also a great way to experience the outdoors and have a break from all of the fancy wedding stuff. The wanderlust in you will appreciate this idea. If you want to make it more lowkey and easy to manage, make it a garden party in your backyard.

Mention The Party In The Wedding Invitations

A party is incomplete without guests and instead of having to make double invitations for the after-party, it’s way better and cheaper to kill two birds with one stone and have the details of the after-party mentioned on the actual wedding invitations. This way is much easier for people and for the hosts as well.

Don’t forget to mention the time and the venue of the after-party and make sure that you are communicating this invite through word of mouth as well. Invitations through text messages and emails also work perfectly fine, since this is a relaxing party.


This tip is not mandatory, but it can be a sweet gesture from the hosts to the guests. If you have room for spending a bit of extra money, then try to arrange for transportation for the guests, from the reception to the after-party venue. This is completely optional, but extremely helpful for guests, who need a ride for the after-party.

You can get a party bus, which is economical and great for transporting a large number of people. If you don’t have the extra budget to squeeze in transportation, then you can definitely leave this step out of the after-party planning.

Food & Drinks

Parties are not enjoyable without food and drinks, but the wedding after-party holds a great exception, which can be of great advantage to you. Usually, the guests will arrive with their tummies filled, since they already ate at the wedding reception, so you don’t need to fuss over the food menu too much.

If you absolutely need to have food, then try to opt for finger food and grab-and-go choices. Things like tacos, fried food, and finger food are perfect. You can have a drink station, which has refreshing options for the guests. This will be plenty for the guests to be entertained.

The Décor

Next comes the fun part, aka, the décor. This can be super fun if you can do it by yourself, but it’s inevitable that you will already have a lot on your hands. So, as far as décor goes, try to keep things minimal and fun.

You can have fun with drapes, table decorations, flowers, and fairy lights. Fairy lights are a must in décor because they not only act as cute décor, but you can also get ample lighting, in case you’re hosting the party outdoors, like at a beach.

What’s The Dress Code?

Dressing up is always fun for a party. If your party is at a hotel or a fancy venue, then you might need to dress more formally. Make sure that you inform the guests to keep an extra change of clothes with them for the party after the reception.

Wedding attire can be uncomfortable, so it’s better to change into something comfy for the party. If you’re hosting a beach party or picnic, then you can ditch the formal attire altogether and go for something dressy and casual, like short dresses and sandals for the women and polo shorts and cargo pants for the guys.

Throw In Some Entertainment

Last but not least, you will need some entertainment and activities to keep the guests from dying of boredom. Luckily, there are a lot of options for entertainment, as far as a wedding after-party is concerned. You can hire photographers and have pictures taken.

You and your friends can have a karaoke night and sing your hearts out. Adult games are also a great way to keep the guests entertained, like card games, pool, etc. You can also hit the dance floor and dance the night away with upbeat and energetic music, accompanied by refreshment.


There you have it! With these tips, your friends and team on your side along with wedding tent rentals Rockland NY, your wedding after-party will be a night to remember. It’s a perfect excuse to keep the wedding celebrations in a loop and make lots of memories.

How To Set Wedding Budget

Weddings are special events of lives that don’t come every day, so are the expenses associated with them. Yes, it is a reality that making a wedding budget can become the cause of financial strain for you.

Although most of the couples-to-be save enough money to help make their wedding great, making some guidelines on how you’ll spend the money on arrangements like tables and chair rentals for wedding is still a great question. Here are some tips that you can follow in this regard.

Who’s Buying the Shares?

Yes, before making a budget for your wedding, you should analyze who is going to contribute. Is it just you and your fiancé? Or the parents and other family members are also taking part in this good deed? This is a great step to begin with, as you’ll know your spending limits and potential budget before even starting to plan.

Once you know how much each family member is going to invest, you can allocate them different tasks in which their money would go. You should make a checklist of all the different things you need in your wedding, and start ticking them as soon as you’ve found the right investors for them.

How Much Can You Really Save

Accessing your savings potential is an important thing when you’re planning to spend a lot of money on your wedding. After getting contributions from everyone, you’ll still be left with some tasks that you’ll have to finance by yourself. Way before your wedding and the shopping spree, make a proper saving policy and start saving for the special day. Set a budget and achieve the goal together with your fiancé.

When accessing your saving potential, try to remain realistic, you don’t want to cut on basic needs of life just to save for your wedding day, but you can save money by restricting yourself from luxuries and unnecessary things. Make a good feasible plan, stick to it and hope for the best.

How Many Guests You Will Be Having

Guests are the main things in your wedding, they are the sole reason why you saved all that money. So, remember that the overall cost of your wedding is greatly influenced by the amount of guests you’ll be having in your wedding.

Determining the possible number of guests is also important because it’ll help you determine the venue and the amount of food (and other things) it’ll take to feed all those guests. Preferably choose the wedding venues that bill you on per-person basis. This will rid you of the headache of calculating the costs by yourself, and saves you from overspending too. So, sit down with your fiancé and other family members, and carefully select the members you’ll be inviting to your wedding.

Figure Out the Small Details Together

Just before your wedding, you’ll need to figure out what you can save on and what is a must. No matter how hard we try to save, there are some non-negotiable things on weddings that you’d also have to spend on. So, sit down with your fiancé and rethink everything you’ve arranged. Then exclude the unnecessary parts to save a lot of money.

At this time, you’d already have made the wedding accessories and events checklist, now the time is to rearrange everything according to their importance. This might help you in excluding the unnecessary tasks. Also, you can first spend your budget on the big ticket and important items, and then transition towards the small ticket items.

Do Proper Research

As we’ve already mentioned, the wedding is a big event in any individual’s life, but this also has a downfall. You might get too excited about your wedding and end up making wrong financial decisions just for the sake of fun. But this behavior can hurt you in the long term. So, try to get advice from your parents, and also do some proper research on the internet to avoid any extra big ticket items.

Also for the necessary things like party rentals Rockland NY, you can compare the prices online and see how they compare. This helps in choosing the most affordable yet reliable items and services for your wedding day. This simple step can also save you a lot of money.