9 Fall Pool Care Tips You Need To Follow

Fall is here! You can make this season even more amusing with the following tips for the preservation and conservation of your pool or you could say fall maintenance. If need the services of swimming pool builders for repair, get it in this season. Below are the tips which will help you keep your pool immaculate and spring ready.

Remove Debris And Leaves

Even though it’s very beautiful to see the orange and yellow color of fall, it’s important that you keep your pool clean by skimming it for   fall leaves and debris. These leaves can cause a green pool as they attract algal growth. This algae can stain the sides and bottom of your pool. Therefore, clean your pool regularly and also clean your skimmer basket to keep both in a perfect condition.

Water Protection

As the temperature drops, so will the production of microorganisms. It’s better to add a winterizing agent with biocidal properties to your pool. This will help to stop the microorganism’s growth. These agents are made to work for longer time periods, so they will keep water fresh and healthier until spring.

Add Algaecide

A day or two before closing your pool, it’s recommended to add a long lasting algaecide to prevent algal growth. Keep the pump of your fiberglass pool running for at least 24 hours for the proper circulation off the algaecide?


It’s good to add chlorine to your pool before closing it but be sure not to overdo it. Too much chlorine can bleach up the liner of the pool.

Once spring starts and you decide to open the pool, add some liquid chlorine to the water. This will clean the water. Also you need to filter your pool for waste. This will clean your pool of the debris and dirt. If the water, after opening the pool, appears green, you need to add some more chlorine and algaecide. It can take a few days to clean the green but it will eventually go away and your pool will be clean again.

Keep Your Eyes Open For Freezing

You don’t want your pool pipes and equipment to freeze, so it is very important that they are properly drained. Make sure to drain the filter, heater and pump completely of water. If these things freeze, they could crack. This fix needs some serious money. Also to protect your skimmer, drain your pool a good four to six inches below the skimmer so that water doesn’t enter and freeze there.

Pool Cover Should Be Kept Clean

If you use a pool safety cover to keep dirt and debris away from your pool you must keep it clean. Most pool covers are easy to clean by just hosing them off. These pool covers not only keep the pool clean, they also serve a safety purpose. Therefore, make sure your cover fits the pool properly.

Track The Weather

If fall in your area brings a lot of rain and you have a mesh safety cover or no cover over your pool, the algaecides, chlorine and winterizing agents might get diluted before the winter. In such a case, you need to add these agents following a timetable to keep the water up to the mark until spring.

Enzymes For Non-Living Contamination

If you have a mesh safety pool cover, a lot of non-living contamination like bird droppings, pollen etc. can enter your pool. Add an enzyme product to the pool water, these enzymes will break this type of contamination down and also will get rid of the waterline mark. This can save you a huge amount of work in spring.

Regular Checking Of Above Ground Covers

The safety cover cable of an above ground pool must be checked regularly. If the cable gets loose the cover will slip into the pool. Also, often check the air level in the air pillow. If for any reason the water level drops, add more air to the air pillow. This will keep the walls, liner and cover from any damages. Air pillow also protects the pool from snow damage and ice. It will also push the debris to the sides of the pool and makes cleaning easy for spring.

By following all these fall pool maintenance tips you can ensure a perfect pool season or you and your loved ones. Your effort of looking after the pool during fall means fewer effort in spring to prepare your pool for use. If you can’t do it yourself, use pool contractors Long Island to repair or maintain your swimming pool.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

The addition of a swimming pool can be a big investment for many families. Your pool contractor will rightfully tell you that fiberglass in-ground swimming pools are amongst the best options if you’re looking to get a swimming pool installed in your house.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of getting a fiberglass swimming pool installed.

Fast Installation Time

The quick and easy installation process of a fiberglass swimming pool is the main benefit that many people look for. Using materials like concrete and gunite to make an in-ground swimming pool can cost you a lot of money, and 60 days on average to complete the whole project.

By using fiberglass, you can cut the installation time by half or even more in some cases. Some installers even claim to finish this project under two weeks.

Less Maintenance Required

The fiberglass pools use an effective gel to fight against the growth of algae properly. So, the algae growth problem isn’t as intense as it is with the concrete and gunite pools. Also, you’ll have to worry less about the mold and mildew issues in the pool.

So, this fiberglass pool cuts the maintenance needs by a considerable margin, and requires you to only perform small preventive maintenance tasks in order to keep it working well in the long run.

Many Options Are Available

Fiberglass pools came with a very limited choice of shapes that the homeowners were able to choose from, and this was considered as a huge limitation of these pools. Most of the designs ended up looking like rectangles.

These days, manufacturers are making over 40 different shapes of fiberglass pools that you can choose from. This is especially a great option for the people who want to take benefit of a customized shape pool, but can’t afford to pay for the regular materials.

The wide variety in shapes has made the fiberglass pools very popular amongst the homeowners lately.

You Can Enhance Its Appearance

Although there are many different shapes and sizes of fiberglass pools are available in, they are still known to have an underwhelming appearance. But this problem can easily be fixed by hiring an experienced masonry contractor.

Most of these contractors offer to use different complementary materials to make the fiberglass pools look as attractive as the traditional ones. This choice is getting increasingly popular in countries like the United States.

Improper Installation Can Have Its Impact

Fiberglass pools are bought as a pre-manufactured thing that you can fit into the ground to make an outline of the pool that you’re willing to make. That is why you should hire a good contractor who follows all the proper fiberglass pool installation requirements in order to maximize its life and performance.

The hole of foundation of a pool can be dug by anyone, the placement of the fiberglass shell is the main skill of any contractor that you’ll have to assess. The remaining space should be filled perfectly by the contractor to make sure that the in-ground fiberglass structure gets full support.

Fiberglass Can Impact the Quality of Water

With a fiberglass pool, you’ll have to keep the water quality good inside the pool throughout the year to help get the best results from the gel that has been placed to fight the growth of algae. Bad quality water with the wrong parameters can quickly deteriorate the quality of the gel coating used.

So, all the fiberglass pool owners should keep checking the water quality on a weekly basis to make sure that it remains good.

You’ll Still Be Paying A Premium

Yes, it is true that you can save up to 50% of the total cost when choosing to install a fiberglass pool instead of using the regular materials. But you’ll still have to pay a premium price in order to properly manage it.

Also, the fiberglass pool installation can still cost you around $36,000 on average. Other factors can increase that price even further. Even the small pools using these materials cost over $23,000 on average to get completed, and that is if you avoid getting lots of additional structures made. So, depending on the area that you live in, a concrete pool might cost you way less than a fiberglass pool does. You should consult with swimming pool builders to get exact quotes. lagrass