How To Rent The Right Tables For Your Party

One of the most important things for a party is the décor. Usually, chairs and tables are rented for a big party, and you can get them from your tent rentals. But how do you know which tables are the best? Here’s everything you need to know about renting the right tables for your party.

Types Of Tables Available For Renting

Round Tables

If you want a more intimate and interactive seating arrangement, then round tables are the way to go. They are available in a variety of sizes and they can seat a lot of people, depending on the guest list. Seats can be arranged either around the perimeter of the circle or they can be placed at each quarter of the circle.

This seating arrangement can be done on the basis of how many guests you want to arrange at each table. These are probably the most famous type of tables to go for, regardless of the size of the party you are hosting.

Square Tables

Another very common type of party table is a square table. Square tables are great to keep the guests at a distance and are not very crowded. You can place one or two chairs, at most. at each side. These tables are great if you want to keep groups of people seated at designated tables.

These tables are also great for smaller parties or gatherings. These tables are very easy to decorate as well and they are sturdy than round tables, which are usually supported from the center, whereas square tables have 4 legs to support the weight of whatever is put on the surface.

Long Rectangular Tables

These tables are long and rectangular in shape. They are great for arranging food on a buffet table or they can be used for seating guests at a gathering or even a wedding. These tables have a lot of capacity and you only need a couple of these to seat a reasonable amount of people. These tables are also hassle-free and easy to decorate. This type of table also has great structure and sturdiness, because of its large surface and many legs.

The only drawback to this type of table is that you will need to set each one accordingly, meaning the same amount of food, party decoration, etc. need to be put on the table and it can be a hard thing to do, especially if you’re low on certain supplies like dishes, glasses or vases for décor.

Semi-Circular Tables

Another type of table is a D-shaped or semi-circular table. This table is great because it is not a whole circle and it can be placed in 2 pieces. This is great if you want one table to be segregated. You can also decorate them separately. The only downside to this type of table is that it can topple over very easily.

Since circular tables have imperfect balance, semi-circular tables are more likely to be wobbly because of their very high center of gravity. So, they might not be the best option for kids parties, since small children can try to turn the table over by sitting on it or something similar.

Serpentine Tables

Serpentine tables are like long circular tables with a hollow center in between. These types of tables can be used as a beautiful way to present a buffet or they can be used at business parties or conferences. The hollow end is sometimes open for people to go in and out of. This is usually the case with buffet tables so that people can stroll around the inner circle and have better access to food.

The hollow space in the circle is sometimes isolated and there can be a network of wires going under the table, which powers microphones, screen projectors, and computers. These tables are not only available in a circular shape. They are found in oval, square, rectangular, and other shapes as well.


There you have it! Renting the perfect tables for your party is going to make all of the difference so that they can be functional and add to the décor at the same time. Look for party rentals Damascus MD that have various types and styles of tables so you have more options.