6 Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

Usually, it is very hard to know when you need refrigerator repair because every refrigerator cycle on and off to keep the temperature constant inside, and you may think the refrigerator is cycled off when it is not working properly.

So, here are tips you can use to know when your refrigerator needs repair. Let’s start!

It Won’t Run At All

Well, an obvious sign of a broken refrigerator is that it won’t turn on anymore, and the food and ice inside of the freezer would start melting and defrosting. Usually, you can see if the lights (if there are any) inside the refrigerator are working or not. And also, you can try hearing the sound of the fan. You can use a thermometer to see if the temperature inside the freezer is warmer than it should be.

In the case that the refrigerator won’t work at all, you should first check the power outlet to see if there’s anything wrong with that. Then check the wire and later proceed to the rest of the parts.

Compressor Won’t Work Properly

Another problem that might indicate that your refrigerator needs repair is that the compressor won’t work properly. If the compressor works properly, the temperature inside the refrigerator should be equal to the one indicated on the thermostat. However, if this isn’t the case, you can place your ear next to the thermostat to hear the sound of the working motor. If the motor is still running, but the temperature is warm, then it might indicate a range of different problems.

The internal timer might be broken, the compressor might be malfunctioning, or the thermostat might be broken. Hire a kitchen appliance repair expert in this case and get the refrigerator repaired as soon as possible.

Frosting Inside the Refrigerator

Evaporator coils might start malfunctioning, and they might get frosted. This can cause various uncontrolled fluctuations in the temperature of your refrigerator. You can access the coils by removing the back panels to see if there is a problem with them, but you shouldn’t try doing this unless you’re an expert, and never forget to completely unplug the refrigerator before touching any parts.

After the refrigerator back panels are removed, look for any type of ice buildup on the internal parts to diagnose the problem. Frequent frosting of the coils can cause your refrigerator to break down. So, get this problem fixed as soon as possible.


If your refrigerator starts condensation, it’ll look like it’s been sweating. Condensation renders your refrigerator unable to save the food from molding. And as we all know, mold can make the food harmful and disease-causing for our family members.

So, call an expert and get the problem detected as soon as you detect condensation inside your refrigerator.

Too Much Heat

Sometimes, the refrigerator starts overheating instead of producing ice (as mentioned earlier). You’ll notice that your kitchen is a bit warmer than it usually is, and the oven isn’t running either. To confirm, you can place your hand near the coils without touching them and feel if they’re letting more heat out than they normally do.

If the coils are excessively hit, this indicates that the motor is generating more heat. Get it repaired before it gets out of hand and breaks down the refrigerator.

Food Rots Before It Should

We usually know the expected age of food we store inside our refrigerator. So, if your food is going bad before it should, this might indicate a serious problem with your refrigerator that needs to be fixed. Also, this problem can be detected if your sodas and other drinks are taking too long to get reasonably cold.

This problem can persist for a long time before damaging your refrigerator permanently, but the main problem isn’t this. If the food takes longer to cool down, this would add a lot of extra money on your energy bill, as the refrigerator would continue to use the same amount of energy as usual.

So, you should call an expert refrigerator ice maker repair Northern VA service in this case and get your refrigerator fixed to save on the energy bill. Good luck!