How To Repair Granite Countertop Cracks

Granite countertops are durable but they can crack. There can be hairline cracks that are called fissures. They are naturally occurring cracks in granite countertops. Moreover, if your granite countertop has prominent cracks and the counter is split in half due to a crack, you should repair it with these tips.

How To Fill Narrow Cracks And Chips On Granite Countertops?

Before fixing a narrow crack, determine if it needs any repairs. Cracks that are only on the top layer of the countertop may appear bad but they don’t pose any threat to the longevity of your granite countertop.

To know if a crack should be repaired, move your finger on the crack. If you can feel the crack, proceed with the steps to fix it.

Get Granite Dust

We will use glue to fill the crack, but to prevent it from looking obvious, you should collect granite dust of the same or similar color on your countertop and color the glue with it. You can visit a granite dealer to find granite dust of the matching color.

Cover The Area Surrounding The Crack

Use painter’s tape or any other type of tape to cover the surroundings of the crack so the filler doesn’t come in contact with other parts of the surface.

Make Epoxy Mixture

Read the instructions on the epoxy you’re using to mix the correct amount of the different parts of the epoxy. Later, add granite dust to give it color.

When selecting an epoxy, choose the one that can be used for granite and natural stone repair. Therefore, read the labels carefully.

Apply The Epoxy

Put epoxy on the crack using a narrow stick or a tool to fill the crack. Smooth it out and try to avoid bumps from forming in the epoxy. Make sure that the epoxy doesn’t spread farther than the tape around the crack. Keep in mind the epoxy shrinks when it dries out. So, overfill the crack.

Let The Epoxy Dry

Commonly, epoxy dries out in 24 hours but read the instructions to read the exact drying time for the epoxy you’re using.

Clean And Buff The Area

Take a razor blade and remove any bumps from the area and make the patch smooth. Then, proceed with buffing the countertop surface.

How To Repair A Significantly Cracked Granite Countertop

Significant cracks are deep cracks or cracks that result in the splitting of the countertop slab.

  1. If the slab is broken, make sure that it’s supported well because slabs break when there is less support in an area. Look for metal support that can keep the granite slab in place.
  2. We will be reattaching broken parts of granite together and using strong glue, so tape the surrounding areas of the crack.
  3. Clean the whole countertop surface to make sure that it’s free from dirt, loose debris, and grease. Brush the granite first and then use acetone to clean the surface.
  4. After cleaning, let the countertop dry. Don’t begin the next step until the countertop is dry.
  5. Mix epoxy as directed in the packaging. After that, mix granite dust into the epoxy to make it the least noticeable.
  6. You can use a paint stick or any other narrow tool to mix epoxy.
  7. Apply epoxy to the surrounding surfaces of the crack first. Use the same narrow tool to begin applying epoxy to the surface. After this, apply epoxy to the crack.
  8. This is the first for the purpose of sticking the broken pieces together.
  9. The broken pieces should be glued in the correct position. You can utilize anything that will keep the slab leveled and supported.
  10. You should apply the second coat after drying out the first coat. The second coat is for making the surface smooth so the countertop doesn’t appear cracked at all.
  11. Epoxy shrinks after drying. The shrinkage from the first coat may create a dip in the crack so apply the coat in that area as well as the surrounding parts.
  12. After drying the second coat, clear bumps with a razor blade and then buff the surface.


You can repair your granite countertop cracks using epoxy. To avoid improper repairs, consult granite contractors Potomac to repair or replace the granite slab.