How To Prepare For Your Hair Transplantation Procedure

Are you considering getting done a hair transplant surgery soon? Well, here are some things you should keep in mind and that you have to prepare for, before going through the process of hair transplantation regardless of the type of hair transplant surgery.

Do Your Research Regarding Your Doctor

Before going through the process of hair transplantation, make sure you have a good doctor in your hands. This is not last minute research, but you should start looking for hair transplant doctors as soon as you make up your mind that you will be going through the process of hair transplantation. Selecting a good doctor will make all of the difference between the success and failure of the hair transplantation procedure. Make sure the doctor is an experienced professional who has done multiple surgeries before. You don’t want to experiment with an amateur doctor otherwise you might regret the results.

Massage Your Scalp Regularly

About a month before the surgery, make sure you are massaging your scalp every single day with some oil or treatment. Massaging will help the hair to grow faster and stimulate the hair follicles. So, when you do get the process done afterwards, you will feel that your hair growth has accelerated. Massaging your scalp is good for you in general. You will feel less stressed, if you are feeling anxious for the surgery. The blood flow to your head does wonders for you and your scalp. It will make your existing hair stronger and healthier.

Stop Taking Any Sort Of Medication

Three weeks before the hair transplant surgery, you should stop taking any sort of medications which you are prescribed. If you are consuming any blood-thinning medications, multivitamins, antihistamines, allergy medications, etc. you should cease their consumption immediately until the surgery is completed. The reason why you should stop taking these medications is that it can lead to complications in the surgery. You might bleed too much if you are taking blood-thinning medicines. You might get an allergic reaction if you are consuming multivitamins. You might not react well to the anesthesia if you are taking any medicines which alter the effect. The hair transplantation procedure has to be done transparently and no funny reactions should occur in your body.

Wash Your Hair Properly Before The Surgery

Before the surgery, you should wash your hair properly and rub your scalp nicely. You should wash your hair properly in general, surgery or no surgery. Having a clean scalp and washed hair will be easy for the doctor to work with. A clean and properly washed scalp will have no residue or debris, which will make the hair transplantation surgery a lot easier and the new hair will stick to your scalp in a better way. So for a few days leading up to the surgery, make sure that you are putting an effort in really cleaning your hair.

Don’t Smoke A Day Before

A day before your surgery, you should omit smoking altogether. Smoking will have a number of adverse effects on your hair transplantation procedure. Smoking generally causes the constriction of blood vessels. Blood will not be able to reach your scalp and hair follicles if you keep smoking. This can make the procedure difficult and you might end up ruining your hair transplantation procedure. So, hold back on your smoking habit for a few weeks even after the surgery is completed.

Don’t Drive After The Surgery

This tip should be deemed as a very important thing to remember. After the hair transplantation procedure, you might be feeling sleepy and groggy. This is natural and the reason is because of the anesthesia. So, if you can, have someone with you who can drive you to and from the clinic. This will make things easier for you. If you attempt to drive by yourself after the surgery, things might turn worse. So, it’s better to be safe and have someone with you who can accompany you back to home, so that you can rest properly.

If you prepare the mentioned things in advance and choose a reliable hair restoration clinic , it will only make things easier for you, and the post-surgical procedure will be a breeze as well.