How to take care of naturally straight hair?

It is not uncommon for women to visit hair straightening salons after every few months for a treatment. Indeed, many women lust after naturally straight hair.

However, it is important to note that a hair care routine for straight hair isn’t a walk in a cloudy park.

In fact, people who naturally have straight hair require maintenance more often. This is primarily because dirt, moisture, and oil accumulates in straight hair much easily.

Hair care tips for straight hair

In this article, we present some expert hair care tips for naturally straight hair, as recommended by the top hair specialists in the country.

Give dry shampoo a go

People with naturally straight hair often tend to have an oily scalp. In this regard, dry shampoos are far more suitable as they allow you to clean off all that swear, oil, and dirt.

Do note that a dry shampoo should not be used as a substitute for a regular shampoo. Moreover, it should only be used once a week.

Look for a boost in volume

People with natural straight hair often lack hair volume. In this regard, a texturizing spray can be used to create some lift. After that, blow dry the hair in the upward direction. However, make sure that the products that you are using are hair healthy. A hair specialist will be able to help you choose suitable products.

Maintain a regular shampoo schedule

According to experts, ladies who naturally have straight hair need to maintain a regular schedule for shampooing more than others. This is because grease and oil builds up faster on straight hair.

In this regard, you should use a sulfate-free shampoo and wash your hair every other day. At the same time, it is totally okay to use clarifying shampoos once in a week.

Watch out for the conditioner

Women with naturally straight hair often end up over-applying the conditioner. This is especially the case with those who have fine and thinner hair. Hence, you will have to be extra careful about the quantity of the product/formula.

What is the correct way of applying conditioner?

Begin applying the conditioner to the ends, and use your fingers to comb the solution upward.

As a caution, do not apply conditioner directly to the scalp or roots. This may result in significant damage your hair in the long-run.

Check the heat settings of your blow dryer

Experts do not recommend cranking up the temperature of your blow dryer. This is because it can easily dry the hair out, and damage it resulting in frizz and breakage.

In most of the cases, a moderate temperature will also do the trick. So go easy on the heat! Moreover, after finishing your blow drying session on moderate heat, end it with a blast of colder air. This may result in a healthier sheen.

Know how to prevent hair frizz

In case the weather is humid, women with naturally straight hair may have it worse than those with curly hair. While it is true that people with all hair types struggle with frizz, straight-haired women are always more susceptible.

A little dry oil can go a long way. However, use it only sparingly.

Use high quality coloring products only

Check whether your hair color correction specialist Rockville makes use of legitimate and high quality hair products. This is because sub-par products can cause long-term damage to the hair follicles.

Use the right hair brush

When it comes to hair health, using the right brush is one of the most underrated yet highly critical factors. A paddle brush is generally considered to be the perfect tool for ladies with straight hair. Using the right brush for your hair types, you can minimize hair breakage while stimulating the follicles for better growth.