Keratin Treatment Aftercare Do’s And Don’ts

Keratin hair treatment needs constant aftercare, and if you are too lazy to care for your keratin treated hair on a constant note, do not opt for it or ask your hair straightening salon for advice.

Here are the keratin treatment aftercare do’s and don’ts that you need to be considerate of:

Things To Do After Getting Keratin Treatment

Make Your Hair Stay Water-Free For 72 Hours

Water-proofing your hair is an absolute necessity; this is what you need to get into your consideration no matter what. The moment you get keratin treatment done; the next 72 hours can be really crucial — you have to go the extra mile to take care of your newly treated hair.

First and foremost, you need to make your hair steer clear of water, do not wash for at least 72 hours. Keep them the way they are. This is one of the few essentials that you can’t ignore at any and every cost. Do not haste when it comes to washing your hair off as it can be extremely daunting.

Get Yourself A Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos can do wonders; if you really obsess over keeping your hair clean and washed, do keep them with you. This way, you will not have to be watchful of water, you will not have to worry about getting your keratin-treated hair devastated, and at the same time, your hair will be shampooed and scrubbed.

Get Keratin-Friendly Hair Masks

If you crave for a bath right after a keratin treatment like everyone does, wear a hair mask. And, whenever you see a sign of danger, bring this keratin-friendly hair mask into use. It will help you get through on several occasions and not once. For instance, If you wish to jump into a swimming pool, this mask can save your keratin treated hair from getting wet even then. This mask will not allow an ounce of liquid penetrate your hair.

Deep Condition Your Keratin-Treated Hair As Often As It Requires

Everything requires an update in order to last long. Just as the crucial 72 hours pass, start deep conditioning your hair as often as they need. Obviously, you would never be suggested to go overboard with it, because excessiveness works as a bane in most cases. Do not forget that deep conditioning works like a dose of fresh air to your keratin treated hair; it helps them breath, it helps them nourish and glow.

Don’ts of Keratin Treatment Aftercare

Do Not Experiment With Your Hair After The Treatment

Do not do anything to your hair right after the treatment, do not try to color or style or shampoo them, just let them be the way they already are. Just leave them for straight 72 hours.

Sodium Chloride and Sulfate? A Big Fat No!

Salt and sulfate are two venomous things that you need to steer clear of if you have just gotten a keratin treatment.

Some swimming pools have salty water and this salt can be really detrimental to your hair. Some hair products, especially shampoos, contain sulphate which is atrocious for your newly treated hair. You have to do away with both of them and note to yourself, it is inevitable.

Stay Away from Bleach

After getting keratin done, you ought not to bleach your hair. Keratin does not welcome any such inclusion. There is no room for bleaching once the keratin is done.

Coloring Your Hair Can Doom You

If you really want to color your hair, do it before the keratin treatment, do not do it afterwards, keratin is not pretty receptive of any such inclusion.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

The more you wash, the earlier your straightening is going to fade.

Do not obsess over washing and shampooing your hair too often. Neither it promises to keep your hair fresh and good, nor it does any magic to your keratin treated hair.

Never Risk Your Keratin-Treated Hair for The Sake of Cheap Shampoos and Conditioners

When you purchase any shampoo or conditioner, do not be a miser. Spend well and save your hair from any potential damage. Cheap shampoos and conditioners cannot help the keratin treated hair last longer or look glossier. Do yourself a favor and purchase something worthwhile.

Lastly, choose a good Brazilian keratin salon Rockville in the firstly place to have long lasting keratin treated hair.