How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Commercial HVAC

HVAC units are designed to be efficient. However, some people complain of high energy costs, which mostly relates to their usage. Since heating and cooling is one of the biggest expenses, it is important that you keep a check on the HVAC system and frequently carry out commercial air conditioning repair to make it as energy efficient as possible. Let’s take a look at some tips that will improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit.


Proper HVAC Maintenance

You might have heard this before but you need to start taking it seriously. HVAC units like many other appliances in your house need to be maintained. Since they are dealing with dust, dirt and debris on a daily basis, the filters can become clogged reducing the overall performance and efficiency.

Luckily, maintaining the air filters is not that difficult. It is something that you can do on your own as well but when it is time for the annual maintenance. You should only consult professionals. HVAC units also comprise several components. A thorough AC inspection allows the professionals to spot potential problems and repairs. This prevents you from splashing a huge amount of money on expensive repairs or replacements down the road.

Cleaning The Condenser And Evaporator Coils

Apart from the air filters, the condenser and evaporator coils also play a huge role in the unit’s efficiency. In fact, these components do most of the work. If the condenser or evaporator coils are covered with dust and dirt, it will lead to overheating. An excessively heated component will either break down or simply fail to perform at its optimum capability.

Evaporator coils are designed to absorb humidity and heat from the air while the condenser coils expel that heat outside of your building. When the coils are covered with dust, it is not possible for them to efficiently dispel heat. Therefore, the unit heats up, the performance decreases and the energy costs rise because the unit has to work harder.

Cleaning The Air Filters

Although we have covered this point recently, we need to stress on it as well. The reason being that air filters act as the lungs of an HVAC unit. If they are clogged, the unit will find it comparatively difficult to distribute cool air. As a result, it will have to work harder than usual, increasing the energy costs.

Air filters are neither difficult to clean nor expensive to replace. However, if ignored, they can bring the entire unit down. Therefore, you should never neglect or ignore their cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, if your HVAC unit requires new air filters, you should only opt for the original factory filters. Installing other types of filters is also another reason behind reduction in efficiency.

Consider Economizers

Economizers have been around for a while and are becoming popular with each passing day. The economizer is basically a damper vent that is designed to reduce energy consumption and offer much needed relaxation to your HVAC unit.

These dampers feature sensors that read the outside temperature and humidity in the air. If the air is the right temperature, the damper vents open and allow outside air to come in. As a result, the usage of your HVAC unit is reduced. However, if the air outside is of not the right temperature, the dampers remain closed. People who have installed economizers have shared significant differences in their monthly bills.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are one of the most popular energy efficient solutions. With a programmable thermostat at your disposal, you do not have to adjust the temperature multiple times during the day. However, when it comes to installing a programmable thermostat, you should ensure that it is properly calibrated. Otherwise, instead of reducing your energy costs, you will end up with higher monthly bills.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned tips are tried and tested in terms of making your HVAC unit more energy efficient. You should make sure that it receives annual maintenance by expert commercial HVAC companies ronkonkoma and install economizers or programmable thermostats if required. While commercial HVAC units are engineered to be as efficient as possible, other factors rely on you as your responsibility to ensure maximum efficiency and save your business some money.