Different types of home additions

Due to ever-growing population, families everywhere have started to outgrow their houses. As a result, a lot of them are considering moving into bigger houses that just piles up construction and design costs. However, there is an easier way to deal with the expanding families. With the help of your local architects builder, you can add an additional space in your home which expand the area of the living space to accommodate your family. A house addition simple means adding to your house.

All about home additions

Who does not like having an added living space in their house? Whether you add a simple sunroom or an extra bedroom, or maybe just a storage space, additional spaces always make your lifestyle more comfortable. You can add additional spaces on any floor. The best part is that additional spaces can increase your income too. You can also rent out your additional space which will not only cover up the cost of the construction but also serves as an extra income.

Home additions are also cheaper than shifting into a new house, especially if you see yourself living in your house for a long time. Not only will home additions save you some money but it will also keep you away from the unnecessary stress of moving.

Different types of home additions

There are many different types of home additions that you can choose from depending on your taste and the kind of space you are looking for.

California Room

A California room is very similar to a porch. It is an outdoor space containing indoor features. These type of home additions are becoming very popular in warmer regions. The sliding glass doors connect the California rooms to the main house. It is the perfect way to blend the outdoor and indoor features.


A sunroom provides adequate light and outside views while at the same time sheltering you within the comfort of the indoor amenities. Sunrooms can be built anywhere. Their exterior mostly matches that of the house. Sunroom make the perfect hanging out spot with your family or friends.

Dormer Room

Dormer rooms are designed to give the upper floors of the house an additional space. They can be built at the front or the rear of the house, allowing additional light and air onto the upper floors. They are built according to the client’s specifications and attached to the roof of the house.

Room additions

In this, entirely new rooms are added onto the house whether it is a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. However, you may need to add additional wiring, plumbing and HVAC depending on what is needed.

Bump out

Bump outs are extensions of the existing rooms. Instead of creating an entirely separating home addition, many people choose to build bump outs. You can increase the space for your dining room to accommodate more guests, make your bedroom big enough for extra storage or your make your kitchen big enough for an island. Bump outs are commonly built with their roof structures so as to not meddle with the existing structure of the house.

Garage conversion

Lastly, in this case, a garage is converted into an additional space attached to the house. However, you may need to install additional HVAC systems, insulation as well as design elements that match with the rest of the house in order to make it all look in unison with each other.

Concluding this, home additions are some of the simplest ways of transforming your house into your dream space. Above were only some of the options of affordable home additions DC.