What Is Hair Protein Treatment And How It’s Different From Keratin Treatment

Sometimes, your hair might need that extra care in order to look and feel healthy and smooth. Here is everything you need to know about a protein hair treatment and its differences from keratin treatment by hairstylist.

Protein Treatment

Your hair is primarily made out of protein and it needs to be replenished from time to time. One great way to do that is a protein treatment. Protein treatments are extensive and extremely nourishing treatments that are applied to the hair to make it look smooth, healthy, and manageable.

These treatments mainly use keratin which is the main protein constituent in your hair. There may be a depletion of keratin in your hair and it can be due to a number of reasons like:

  • Sun exposure
  • Too much use of heat on the hair
  • Not nourishing or moisturizing your hair, etc.

This treatment is perfect if your hair is feeling extremely dry, and brittle and is going through a lot of hair fall. Another main reason why people get a protein treatment done is because of the frizz. Frizz is the main culprit of dry and damaged hair and it can really ruin the hair, if not treated properly.

A protein treatment helps to eliminate frizz for good and it makes the hair super smooth, and easy to handle they look healthy too. If you are tired of dealing with frizzy, dry hair, then you should definitely consider getting a protein treatment for your hair.

Keratin Treatment Vs Protein Treatment

A lot of people might get confused and get a keratin treatment dome, thinking that it’s a protein treatment. While it is somewhat true, a keratin treatment is done for an entirely different purpose, and here is a comparison between the two.

Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment is done if you want to straighten your hair. It is more like a glorified protein treatment, but it is solely a chemical process, which nourishes the hair and breaks down the frizz in your hair, and makes it straight and smooth. So, a keratin treatment is done if you want to have straight hair.

Protein Treatment

A protein treatment is more like a nourishing supplement for your hair. It does eliminate frizz and gets rid of the damage, but it doesn’t necessarily make the hair look straight. It is not a chemical process, in way that it doesn’t break down the hair follicles, rather it enriches the hair and makes it very soft and smooth.

It doesn’t damage the hair either unlike keratin treatment, which can cause a lot of damage after the fact because of the use of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals can make the hair dry and brittle, if you don’t take proper care of your mane.

Benefits Of A Protein Treatment

Here are some amazing benefits of a protein treatment.

Makes The Hair Smooth

First and foremost, it makes the hair extremely smooth and soft to the touch. If you have dry hair and it feels really rough, then it might be lacking hugely in the protein department, so it’s a great way to supplement and nourish your hair.

Increases Hair Density

Hair density plays a huge role in making your hair look healthy and be stronger. A protein treatment will strengthen your hair by making it denser and it also fills up any lone pores, so that nothing foreign can go into your hair and damage it further.

Improves Hair Health

With a protein treatment, your hair will be significantly healthier and you can see the difference, as clear as day. Your hair will be so much thicker, frizz-free and you will be extremely happy with the results.

Prevents Breakage

Last but not least, protein treatment will prevent hair breakage in the future. It’s a great way to add strength and nourishment to your hair and with its property of increasing hair density and aiding in protein enrichment, your hair will look amazing, stronger, thicker, and more manageable.


There you have it! A protein hair treatment is perfect if your hair is dry, rough, and suffering from hair fall. You will see a significant difference in your hair health after this treatment. All keratin treatment salons provide both treatments so you can choose easily. Hypno