Should I Match Kitchen Countertop With Kitchen Floors

Matching kitchen countertops with floors is a burning question in the minds of a lot of people. Will it look good? Will it look too overwhelming? Will it look overdone? All of your questions about matching your quartz kitchen countertops with floors will be answered.

Is It Necessary To Match?

If you think matching is necessary for all kitchens, then you are wrong. It’s not a rule of thumb to have matching countertops and floors. In fact, complimenting different colors and patterns adds more depth and character to the kitchen or any room, for that case. Sometimes, matching can look too overpowering and it will not do any good for the looks of the kitchen. Other times, matching can be done and it does look good.

You need to master the art of matching your countertops with your kitchen floors. The trick here is to find colors of similar undertones. If the undertones clash, the whole color matching will be thrown off. The right undertones will complement the quartz kitchen tops and floors and tie the room together beautifully. For example, you can go for grey floors and grey countertops. If you want to add more depth to the color grey, then you can choose different shades of the same color but you need to keep in mind that the undertone should be the same as well.

Try Complimenting Colors

As mentioned above, complimentary colors will make the color scheme look even better than trying hard to find 2 shades that match. Undertones play a very important role when it comes to matching. Complimentary colors look good together because the effect of unison of two slightly different colors makes the observation look even more alluring and beautiful.

If you are unsure about complimentary colors and want to get a better idea, you can always refer to the color wheel. The color wheel is a great way to find complementary colors and you can find a huge selection of colors in this way as well.

Neutral Colors Match A Lot Better

If you are adamant on matching your kitchen countertops with the kitchen floors, then you can play it safe and subtle with neutral colors. Neutral colors, when matched, don’t look overpowering or overdone. They look subtle yet beautiful. Remember, even in neutral colors, you need to remember the undertones and how they will give warmth and depth to your kitchen.

Cooler undertones are great if you want to attract more light into your kitchen. Warmer undertones are great if you want to tone down the light and bring a subtle and warm hue in your kitchen. Neutral colors will do your kitchen a lot of justice.

Dark Countertops Or Floors?

Let’s say you do want to match your kitchen countertops with your floors, but the problem is that your kitchen countertops or floors are extremely dark in color. Well, matching might not be such a big issue here, but darker colors are hard to maintain and they tend to clash very easily if there is even a slight mismatch.

For darker colors, it is always recommended that you don’t match it with another darker color. You can bring some light into the contrast by using a lighter color. Darker floors and countertops can make your kitchen look cramped and small, so adding a light colored countertop can give your kitchen more space.

Should All The Floors Match?

Let’s talk about the situation outside the room. If you have an open floor plan, then your floors will carry down into your living and sitting areas as well. Does this mean you need to follow the same color scheme as you did in the kitchen? Well, this completely depends on your floor plan and where you want the matching to end its course. You can go for the same theme, if your matching colors are neutral.

There you have it! In some cases, matching kitchen countertops and floors is a great idea, in other cases, it might look dull. The choice is ultimately up to you and how you want your kitchen to look at the end of the day. Take advice from your quartz countertop contractor Rockville about which colors are trending and which one would go well with your floors.