A guide to planning a corporate event

If you are fresh to corporate event planning, this book will walk you through all you need to know. Begin by determining the objective of your event and speaking with a corporate tent rentals business ahead of time. Once it is completed, create a proper timetable to ensure you are on the correct track.

Making preparations for a modest corporate event

Here’s how to organize a corporate function.

The financial situation

Make a list of everything you’ll need for your event, including venues, personnel, a photographer, catering, transportation, and so on. This will give you an idea of how much money you will need for your business event. Set up separate funds for each of the categories you’ve decided on. Look for event sponsors as well, if feasible. Save more money than is actually needed in the budget.

This is because you may incur unforeseen expenditures that you must pay for. You don’t want to cut corners on any part of the event because of these costs. As a result, keep your wallet flexible.

The location

Finding a location is one of the most important tasks you must complete for your event. You must select a location that meets all of your needs. A location should be able to handle the amount of guests you anticipate for your event. It should also be in your budget and provide all of the amenities that you require. Furthermore, if you want event tents, the site should supply them as well. Select the venue as soon as possible so that you may find your preferred venue. If you wait too long, most locations will be booked.

Invited Speakers

Guest speakers are essential for every corporate event. They have the ability to engage the audience and make the event more exciting. Guest speakers might range from motivational speakers to celebrities or people in your field. When looking for a guest speaker, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Guest speakers frequently demand a fee to speak at an event, so be sure they fit within your budget. Hiring a guest speaker with a large audience is advantageous for your event since they can advertise your event to their audience.

A speaker who is knowledgeable about the event you are preparing can better engage the audience. Request suggestions from a variety of individuals and look into comparable events and their guest speakers. Check that you have all of the equipment that the guest speaker will need for his or her address. You want to make an impact not just on your audience, but also on the guest speaker you invited.

Catering and food

Contracts with culinary and tent rental firms are sometimes in place at venues. You have the option of selecting one of two catering companies. Choosing catering businesses that are affiliated with your preferred location, on the other hand, offers you with a number of advantages. They not only provide savings, but they also know the location well enough to provide high-quality services.

When it comes to food, a buffet works best for occasions. People not only have a broad choice of dishes to pick from, but they also get to enjoy their morning. Light meal options are ideal because they do not exhaust the participants. You should also include refreshment breaks during the event. If you wish, you can include lunch breaks.

Formal dinners, on the other hand, are usually planned on only one of the event days. The remainder of the time, individuals are left alone to arrange dinner plans.


These are the fundamentals of your event planning. You should also advertise your event and add post-event activities such as questionnaires, etc. Obtaining estimates from a party rentals Rockland NY business ahead of time may be quite beneficial. Finally, following the procedures outlined above will assist you in organizing a fantastic event that everyone will remember.

8 Event Budgeting Mistakes To Avoid

It happens so often that people surpass their budget while executing an event they have been so excited about by overspending on food, décor, and party rentals. Keeping yourself in the budgeting limit is sometimes difficult but not impossible if you take care of every tiny detail.

Here are some of the common mistakes event planners do that lead them to over-budgeting, and these are the things you should never be doing at any cost.

Not Sticking To The Prime Purpose Of Your Event

You often end up overspending when you have no concise agenda for your upcoming event. See, it is one of the most important things that you need to be highly considerate of – you have to be sure what you want to achieve out of the event you’re organizing. If you have 3-4 ideas in your mind, you better sit down with yourself and finalize one outta those many to avoid imprecision.

Last Minute Implementations Kill The Pith Of The Event And What You Want To Attain From It

You need to have a solid event plan and you gotta stick to it firmly no matter what. That’s the key to a successful event. If something suddenly flashes across your mind and you try to add it to the plan when you’re very near to the event, it’s sure to ask more money to chip in. Say an emphatic no to last minute implementations!

Lack Of Communication And Documentation Of The Changes Taking Place

You need to have a strong source of communication in order to make your event super successful. Be it your team, vendors you’re hiring, or the guests themselves – keep everyone in touch so that no chance for miscommunication ever occurs before or during the event.

Also, every single step you take towards the event has to be well-documented. You cannot trust your mind to remember everything you’ve done – it has to be on the paper.

Oversizing Of The Attendees, And Hence The Resources Like Food And Seating

You are possibly going to go out of the budget if you don’t keep a count of the attendees. The vendors and event rentals who’re supposed to provide you food and seats might charge you some extra bucks for a sudden or unexpected increase in the number of guests. You have to count every single person, you have to be inch-perfect with everything you do.

Lack Of Risk Assessment And No Preps To Counter It

When you’re planning something unforeseen, you have to be ready for any unexpected situation that might occur without alarming you. For that, you need to have great analytical skills, so to say.

Always keep a plan B; in case plan A fails, it can come to your rescue. Don’t make a spectacle out of yourself if anything contrary to your major plan happens.

Undermining The Unforeseen Extras

When you’re done planning the big stuff, you are likely to miss out on the small stuff. People don’t like sweating over the petty stuff and that’s perhaps the biggest mistake they do which eventually leads them to a disastrous overspending. Be very precise and don’t forget to take care of the apparently miniscule stuff. It always makes you surpass your budget.

Printing Cost Is Just A Ludicrous Expenditure

There’s no need to get a pile of brochures, fliers and cards printed. This is ludicrous spending which you should avoid at any and every cost.

These days you don’t have to rely upon invitation cards; you can invite people by sending them an email – email is considered a formal communication. Moreover, if you want to popularize your event, you can utilize your social media handles instead of spending a huge chunk of your money on brochures, pamphlets and other stuff.

Greedy And Non-Trustworthy Vendors Can Dupe You Into Paying An Amount You Don’t Even Owe Them

When you’re hiring someone to cater to your guests on the main day, make sure you hire honest people and they are not the ones to manipulate their customers into paying an extra sum post event. Some vendors give nonsensical excuses to charge the customer an extra amount after they’re done servicing, some of them throw a lot of tantrums, and that’s when you are likely to cross your budget limit. Again, choose trustworthy vendors and corporate tents rentals Maryland to avoid this from happening.