Walk-In Freezer Cleaning Guide

Keeping a walk-in freezer clean and maintained helps it run efficiently and effectively. If you have a business that relies on a commercial walk-in freezer, you need to look after it so that you do not experience any breakdowns or need urgent walk-in cooler repairs. Let’s take a look at how you can clean your walk-in freezer.

Prepare Yourself

The first thing that you need to do is prepare yourself. What this means is that you need to gather all the essential items and tools needed to clean the walk-in freezer. At the same time, cover yourself by wearing gloves and goggles to reduce any chances of injury.

Next, turn off the freezer and begin cleaning. If you are cleaning the freezer after a while, you might come across stubborn accumulation that will need a bit of effort and time to remove. On the other hand, if your freezer has been receiving regular cleaning, you can simply wipe and clean using special cleaning products.

Clean The Interior And Exterior

Walk-in freezers consist of shelving units, freezer walls, and floors where ice buildup usually occurs. Before you begin cleaning such areas, allow the ice to melt. Then, remove the water and clean the interior using microfiber cloths, brushes, and chemicals.

Once you are done cleaning the interior, move onto the exterior. Make sure that you wiped down all door gaskets because that is where mold and mildew are found. Next, clean the evaporator and condenser coils and fans to eliminate dirt and oxidation. Upon removing them, it will enable your freezer to run more efficiently.

For Optimal Walk-In Freezer Performance


To ensure that your walk-in freezer always offers optimal performance, keep the doors shut. If the doors are even slightly open, cool air will sneak out, forcing the freezer to work harder, ultimately increasing the energy costs.

If the doors do not shut properly, inspect the door sweeps and gaskets to see if they need replacement. This is a common occurrence amongst old freezers.


Once you are done cleaning the doors, move towards ensuring that the floors are clean as well to prevent pest attraction. You wouldn’t want someone to walk in and come across pests and flies feeding on the leftover food on the floor. Additionally, spillovers can quickly freeze leading to slip-ups and accidents.

Fans And Condensers

Fans and condensers are perhaps the most important components of a walk-in freezer. If either of the two is faulty, the freezer will not perform at its optimum. At the same time, these components are quite expensive to repair and replace, therefore, you would want to make sure that they are away from trash, plant growth, or anything that impedes their airflow.

Furthermore, check the suction or insulation lines between the condensing unit and evaporator coils. Coils might also need regular cleaning, so you need to clean them as well. Examine the fan motors to see whether they are running at optimal speeds.


Sometimes, loose wires and faulty connections can also damage the walk-in freezer. Initially, you might not be able to detect electrical issues since the entire network is located inside. However, if you smell something burning, you should turn the freezer immediately off.

Detecting electrical problems beforehand significantly helps in reducing expensive damages. If you observe something unusual, you should ask a professional to thoroughly inspect the appliance.

Drain Lines

It is quite often that drain lines of commercial walk-in freezers are overlooked. This can pose harm to the health and performance of the freezer. Drain lines are designed for water and other leftovers to exit. With time, these drain lines will become clogged. Therefore, you need to ensure that the drain lines are free from any blockages and the water does not back up and finds its way inside the freezer, contaminating the items stored inside.

Final Word

Walk-in freezers are not that difficult to clean and maintain. To make the process easy, simply create a maintenance schedule and follow it. This will keep the freezer in top-notch condition and allow you to detect problems beforehand, prolonging the life of the unit. Only use reputable commercial appliances repair Alexandria services for inspecting and repairing the freezer.