6 Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are a fun time for anyone, whether it be a child or an adult. Why not make it a little more fun with these ideas and themes, which will make you a pro at organizing birthdays in the future. Who knows who might also get a discount from tent rentals going forward? Keep on reading to find out more.

Kid Activities

Ditch the norms and have a fun filled activity induced birthday for your kids. You can do various activities and entertaining things to get your kids and other toddlers engaged. There are things like painting, arts and crafts, treasure hunts and other interactive activities that your kids can enjoy. You can also have the presents hidden in various parts of the house and have the kids look for it through clues and different hints. This is a great idea for a kid’s birthday because it is more engaging and interactive. Your kids will constantly be trotting around and there will be a lot of fun memories to look back to.

A Slumber Party

What’s better than a birthday party, you ask? A pre birthday slumber party. This idea is amazing for teenage girls and even adults, if they want to do something low key and have a good time with their friends in the comfort of their own home.

A girl’s night can be filled with a movie marathon, lots of cooking and an at home spa treatment. Gather your friends, grab your favorite face masks and nail polishes and give your friends a pampering treatment. You can end the night with gift giving and a good movie never disappoints either.

A Backyard Party

Some people love the outdoors, so you can have a backyard birthday party if the person you are planning it for loves the outdoors and wants to enjoy their special day in the sun. Try to have a proper arrangement for the guests and the cake. Have a table reserved for gifts and decorate to your heart’s content. This will be so much better and things will be more organized if you take measures beforehand like planning and allocating budget.

Also, the pictures will naturally look amazing because the natural daylight is unlike any other lighting. A backyard party is perfect in the months after the hot summer when the weather and wind are pleasant

Birthday Brunch

What if you don’t want an “in your face” birthday party or want to have a party with a small budget? Well, you can go for something super chill like a brunch with some cake. Invite your closest friends and family and book a venue for a brunch. There are a lot of restaurants which offer brunches on the weekends and also on the weekdays, so you can choose any day which works best for you. Having a nice and hearty meal with your closest friend and family will make you feel grateful for the people around you and the birthday will be a day to remember.

Cartoon Themed Birthday

For young kids and toddlers, a cartoon themed birthday party is a win. They will appreciate anything that has to do with their favorite cartoons and if it’s on their birthday, then you have hit the jackpot. Know your kid’s favorite cartoon and build a party around it.

Having small party favors which complement the theme of the birthday will make the event even more enjoyable for the kids. You can also have individual photo shoots for the birthday boy or girl with their friends and family.

Pool Party

If you have a pool in your house, then why not use it to your own advantage? Having a pool themed birthday party is a great idea, if your kid wants something more interactive and less traditional than a normal birthday party. Having a bunch of friends around the pool and having some pool activities will light up the event. Just make sure that there is constant supervision by an elder, so you can prevent any unfortunate accidents from occurring. Make sure you also allocate the time when people are allowed in the pool and when they are not.


There you have it! These simple yet amazing birthday ideas will surely be a showstopper and people will remember it years later too. Moreover, for birthday themes, you can also ask party rentals Maryland for suggestions. Have fun!