Is Brazilian Blowout Harmful To Your Health

Brazilian blowout is a chemical hair treatment for semi-permanent straight hair. It’s a popular straightening technique and most hair straightening salons provide this treatment. Moreover, many people call it the best way to have straight and smooth hair. However, there are some concerns about chemical treatments and if they are good for your hair and health. Let’s discuss whether Brazilian blowout is bad for your hair.

How Does Brazilian Blowout Works?

Liquid keratin is used in Brazilian blowouts to form a protective layer around each hair strand. This makes hair smooth and straight. Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in it. Adding more of it can give you straight and silky hair.

But keratin doesn’t bond to the hair on itself. Chemicals are used in the formula of the treatment to make keratin stick to the hair strands. These chemicals can be harmful to your health and damaging to your hair in the long run.

There are various chemicals used in Brazilian blowout treatments. The most notorious of them is formaldehyde. Regular exposure to formaldehyde can cause cancer and FDA approves that formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Brazilian Blowout

Common Reactions To Brazilian Blowout

Some people have a reaction after getting a Brazilian blowout treatment. It can be during the treatment or days after it. People have reported headaches, difficulty in breathing, headache, itching, scalp burning, watery eyes, irritation in the nose or throat, and redness in the eyes after getting the treatment.

Caution For Asthma Patients

The treatment of Brazilian blowout is done by applying the formula with repeated strokes of a brush. The heated solution makes hot fumes of the chemicals that are in the solution. So, people who have asthma or any other similar problem may experience wheezing and asthma attack.

Hair Damage

Hair treatments are done to make hair better than before. This is the reason why hair coloring and straightening treatments exist. However, chemical treatments can cause hair damage in the long run for some people.

If you experience hair loss, damaged or dry hair, or patchy hair, you should stop the treatment and go to a dermatologist.


A study in Brazil showed that Brazilian blowouts can lead to skin problems in some people. Some people who volunteered in the study experienced scalp rashes while others suffered from rashes on the scalp, neck, face, and upper chest and back. The blisters looked similar to eczema rashes. However, researchers believed that skin conditions look more like drug reactions than skin allergies.

Not For Pregnant Women

Many risky treatments are avoided in pregnancy to avoid problems and Brazilian blowout is no different. Any chemical treatment for hair must be avoided if you’re pregnant. Some treatments have shown that using chemical treatments like hair straightening and hair coloring during pregnancy can cause leukemia in children under the age of two.

Can I Get Formaldehyde-Free Brazilian Blowout?

Formaldehyde the chemical that is the culprit of many problems caused by Brazilian blowout. So, can you get a formaldehyde-free Brazilian blowout?

Yes and no. Some brands that make Brazilian blowout products claim the treatment to be formaldehyde-free. Their claim is correct in some way, but the treatment still has the mentioned chemical.

How do they do it? These brands use synonyms for the toxic chemical on their labels. They dissolve formaldehyde in water or any other chemical. This changes the composition of formaldehyde and it becomes another chemical that still has the properties of formaldehyde.

However, you may be able to find some salons and brands that have less toxic chemicals in the treatment causing less to no damage to your hair or health. You should also look into Brazilian blowout varieties that use similar chemicals and methods but they are less harmful to the health.

If you’re concerned about the effect of the straightening treatment on health, look for natural hair straightening masks and treatments.


Brazilian blowout is can be dangerous for your health if you’re not careful. Read the labels and choose the treatment that doesn’t have harmful chemicals. Moreover, go to a Brazilian blowout salon Potomac you trust and is known to use safe practices for chemical treatments.

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