Why iPhone is better than Android?

We have seen how the CEO of Microsoft laughed when iPhone was initially launched?  He mocked at it stating that it is too expensive. During the last 10 years the situation has changed completely and at present most people consider iPhone far superior than android phones for many reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

iPhone is very easy to handle

The advantage of iPhone is that you can select the one you like the most and start using it without any formal knowledge of how to use it. The interface is very user friendly that one need not have to burn your head to study how to use it. Humans generally love devices which do not need any brain work on their part. The intuitive design is so wonderful that it attracts you.  In reality you are prompted to learn how the designer thought and made using it very easier.

iOS software updates are faster

We have seen many newer versions of Android OS being developed by Google. But we have often seen that there is some problems in getting them upgrade in their earlier versions. Some versions are not compatible to the earlier version due to none availability of sufficient hardware space and in some cases the company is not allowing up gradation of the software to very old versions of android OS.  This is not the case with iOS. Whenever new versions of OS are released they are easily available to all the existing users. They need not pay any additional amount or need not have to provide any extra hardware support, whereas Android permits software updates only to a limited group.

The genius of Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs started stores in shopping malls people made fun of him and considered him as a lunatic. But his genius was unparalleled. He thought in advance about the needs of the people and their aspirations. He understood the need of someone to fix the phone if it goes wrong.  The shops in the malls served this purpose as intended by Steve Jobs and helped the user to be friendlier with the manufacturer as well as the device.

iPhones are more secure

The recent legal battle between Apple and Microsoft has proved that apple stands for privacy and security of its phone. It has encryption to increasing depths than Android which is very weak in this regard. When you use an android phone you are required to click more “I agree” without understanding the reasons behind the action. As more and more personal information is being made public through the phones, the security alertness and consciousness of iPhone are commendable.